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I've been keeping a list of things to post, but that doesn't mean I get to it. I've been active with my personal pro- graffiti movement, made a great City of Ottawa cultural contact in Nancy B., some photo-work, did as well as the occasional NDP rant. More to follow.

In the meantime, I wanted to mention a workshop De Cypher Cru is running tomorrow - Intro-Lockstep. Here's the blurb:

Following up on Buddha's super informative "history of bboyin' in Canada" workshop, Yvon's feel good House workshop, Marie's Hip Hop Stylez session and Erica's "yoga for breakers" workout this weekend DeCypher Cru Workshop Sessions brings you another intro taste of dance, movement and styles related to bboyin: So be prepared to Lock it down with Ms. Lock Ness, Sunday May 7th, from 3:45-5:15, at Theatre Flamenco dance studio.

After a year away Vanessa's dancing skills have been blowing our minds, so this weekend DeCypher Cru's biggest goof teaches the goofiest street dance of all - Locking!

For those of you who don't know:

You were likely first exposed to Locking by Michael Jackson's Thriller video, but the dance form, originally known as Campbellocking, was developed on the west coast by a guy named Don Campbell and is a comical street dance style built around "locking" your limbs in time with the music. Their funky style, making them look like clowns or mimes, Lockers are probably the most theatrical and fun of all the street dancers.

For a sample of the art form I recommend you check out Scramble Lock and Loose Cannon, two amazing Canadian Lockers (for videos of their stuff check here: -   I especially like the all terrain locking video)

Lock Ness will provide an introduction to the basic feel and style of the dance, giving you a foundation to work from and a taste for more!

Cost: 15$ for drop in and 10$ for our beginner 1 and 2 students. Time:3:45-5:15

Location: Theatre Flamenco Studio, 203 Catherine St, between Bank and O'Connor (entrance through the parking lot around back).

Hope to see some of you there :)

DeCypher Cru

These bgirls do some great stuff, they were at the World Beats and Eats Fundraiser last night, battling with Speedroc to raise money for Canada Dance Festival. I took some pics - to be edited and posted shortly.

I promise.

May 8 - update - OK - here's one of the pics, from the Locking Workshop, led by Lock Ness. This was towards the end, as new moves were all put together with other styles. Rest will be on my Flickr site in a day or two.