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Wednesday at Woody’s on Thursday went well the other week. These gatherings started off years ago when a friend that worked in a deli up the street started asking some friends (that she'd met as customers buying coffee) to join her for a few beers and munchies after work on Wednesday's. It was mostly people from the law offices (not lawyers, they're too cool for this) or Bell telecommunications employees or others from the area. We'd go to shows together too, and party sometimes. Mostly singles, some couples also. We'd try various restaurants on Elgin, but always came back to Woody's, in spite for the food. Having to send back wings that were still pink and moist is not good. The coordination of our gatherings was taken over by a new person, that also organized an Utne Reader discussion group every month. Thursday's were better for him, so we changed. And stuck at Griffins for a while - so Wednesday's at Woody's was on Thursdays, and at Griffins. When they redecorated prices went up, decor was too cold looking, so we moved back to our regular haunt. The chef had changed at Woody's (or maybe they just hired one for a change) so no-one has been ill. Meetings now have some Utne types as well as Mensoids, so it's an interesting gathering.

It was raining (again) by the time we finished up around 8, one of our unofficial leaders (President of The Price Club) was parked right across the street but said he was going to just take a peek into Big Daddy’s Crab Shack before going home to sew up the seams on his boat tarp. An exciting evening for sure. I went over to do the same about 15 minutes later and the place was packed. He waved a beer at me from the other side of the room with a sheepish smile – he’s succumbed to the social scene once again. Many of his club members, plus a lot of other singles. Late 20's to whatever, us more mature ones all looking (and acting) younger than our years. Some call it a meat market - depends on your frame of mind when you go there I guess. A lot know each other already, so just socialize. So I stayed for a couple of beers –met a bunch of new people. Eventually the rain had stopped so I could do my enviro-fitness thing and take the bus home.

That Friday was Barry Owen's party at La Contessa. It was a big success. Some of the new guys and gals from Big Daddy’s were there, joining the huge Price Club contingent. Bigger room, more tables, faster bar setup, great music. Which meant the dance floor was usually packed, and the extra tables mostly empty. He’ll use more of the second hall next time I think. Barry organizes these every few months, as well as Mingleworks the first Wednesday of the month, at the Clocktower pub on Bank. He runs all sorts of cruises and golf trips in the summer, and ski trips in the winter, so uses these get-togethers to promote his packages. A mix of singles and couples, very relaxed, a lot of fun. He has an email list.



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