Working Families

I sent a letter in to the local Ottawa Citizen recently on this, it didn't make it into print yet so I thought I'd post a version here:

To their credit, the Conservatives have so far delivered a budget that while much criticized, is pretty much in line with what they campaigned on, so should come as a surprise to no one. A main thrust is to increase their support among middle class “working families”.

But I am getting a little tired of the continuing repetition of  that phrase working family. I am semi-retired, and single, so since I don't fit the phrase I’m in the crowd sitting on the fringes. We have the apparent misfortune to perhaps be a pensioner, or unemployed, or childless, or just single in


. Or what about a working family of two highly paid professionals, pulling in $300k a year? While not suffering financially, are they also being whooed as a working family?

Of course every party is eager to claim that they are the only one that working families should listen to, that their vision is the only true way. The NDP in particular have for years waved this banner, with an even narrower and I think more antiquated focus on the working class as blue collar workers, trudging off to work with lunchbox and visions of the triumph of solidarity. I’ve asked for clarification of the phrase from the NDP, to see if they still include those of us on the fringe. The only response so far was another funding request, so I suppose I still am welcome. 


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