Kenjii alert - and other art notes
Catching up again

Kill Bill Too

I rented "2" last night, only saw the first one a few months ago and loved them both. Quentin T described the first one as the setup, and this as the real story. I loved it - great characters, beautiful photography, hot Uma. My new favorite hot actress actor- I hope Susan Sarandon doesn't hear of this, but I had to drop her. The movie was on DVD - such a joy to watch. Yes, the letterbox looks a little strange on my TV, and there isn't the great theatre sound, but there were no annoying people behind me explaining the plot over and over to each other, and if I needed to stretch my sore back, or get some wine, or go to the bathroom I could just pause. Plus there was some great background by Quentin and several of the actors. And finally, IMDB has some great trivia on both this, and the first one.

Also caught a neat movie on Space the other night, eXistenZ. The story opens with a reality game designer testing her latest creation with a focus group, when an assassin attacks her, damaging her organic game pod, and the only copy of the game. She escapes with a marketing intern, and then tries to see how badly the game is damaged by entering its world with her sidekick. They start playing the game, with occasional breaks back to the real world - or is it the real world. They're never really sure, and neither are you.


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