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Five dozen

2006_07_18_033a_4 Had a big birthday back on the 18th. And a great surprise party too. OK - I did have to help a lot with coordinating it, but my kids and some friends pitched in a bunch. When my kids were little the rule of thumb for their parties was as many guests as they were old - as in 4 friends when they were 4. So I kept that in mind and only had 50 or 60 guests. Including some from a group that meets occasionally at Woody's  (on Wednesdays), some Mensoids, some from a group at Big Daddy's, a friend from Bookcrossing, the kid's nanny, some friends from Bell contract times, a bgirl, and lots of neighbours. All seemed to blend together somehow in my back yard along with the occasional mosquito. Threw on some burgers around 9 just in case people were hungry - they were. had a great DJ Al Connors, my friend made an awesome cake (as well as helping me do a major cleanup before), which was devoured, then I finally managed to edge the several dozen left into the house. I think everything wrapped up around 2 - or maybe it was 4?  I posted the pics on Flickr - click here.