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Hump Day

For those still unfortunate to still be on a 5-day work week, Wednesday is "over the hump" of the week, downhill from here to Friday. Not sure if that refers to quality of work produced, an increase of apparent speed as the hours whiz by faster and faster, maybe for some just means a special day for office sex.

Started the day with Jian on Sounds Like Canada - CBC1 at 10. My normal semi-retired slow start - probably because of catching late night movie gems. Like Alien Avengers, with George Wendt (Norm of Cheers) or something quirky on Bravo. Jian mentioned the site BoingBoing and interviewed one of the contributors, Corey Doctorow. He talked early Internet, Wikipedia, and about his e-books. How by increasing his recognition, does increase sales of "real" books. I made the mistake of downloading his "Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town" - two hours later I'm still reading! Great stuff, and with my background in sci-fi and origins up North and wanderings in Kensington Market and years at Bell, some scary resonances.  Check him out - lots to read, different formats for PC or hand held - even one that uses RSS feeds to send a page a day to your phone. He did a virtual book signing in Second Life recently - now that's even cooler than Margaret Atwood's remote signings with a machine. He uses Creative Commons licensing (as Flickr does) and has one for developing countries that's different (as in more permissive) than the one for high-income countries. 

Have I mentioned I'm working towards getting a certification by ASQ (American Society for Quality) as Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence -  basically a leader in process improvement initiatives. Ties together a lot of the QA stuff I've done into a more marketable package so that I can (hopefully) do some part time contract work for way too much money - and fund my many artsy interests.

And here I am with Hump Day fading away - blogging, reading, odds and ends - lots done, just not what I planned at the start of the day. Things like getting my HoP pics up on Flickr, laundry, hanging at my friend's pool. All the more reason to do those plans at the end of the day.


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