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Just a drip

No, not a senior's moment of stress, but one my many household chores. Hot water taps in the bathroom sink and tub have been dripping for longer than I care to admit here. I know, bad for the environment and all, wasting energy, but Stevie Harper says all these climate problems won't be an issue until 2050 - and has he ever lied to us before?

So, speaking of drips, this was one of those minor jobs that didn't seem serious enough to get on the day's to-do list. But today was annoying enough that I got to it. Wasn't sure what size washers I needed, so prepared to follow my usual plan - get a variety pack, use the two I need, throw the rest out. Local place was out of variety packs, so the guy there suggested I turn off the water, pull the cartridge, get the right size for once. So - I did - 9/16 flat, 1/4 r. Got several, and some cartridges, as well as 2 replacement valve seats, since mine must be damaged - new washers seem to last only a few weeks. Oops, valve seats need a special tool to remove them, back to the store. They don't have one, maybe Boone Plumbing does? Off to them, yes they do. Guy behind the counter tells me valve seats for bathtub are a different style, I didn't remember seeing a difference but he's the expert. So, of course, once I get home I see I was right, I now have the wrong ones. Back there again.  So, finally, I changed two cartridges (old ones too corroded), 4 valve seats and 4 washers - and the drip is gone. As is the annoying rattle fom the cold water tap - valve seat was partially blocked on one side so created cavitation, and noise.

Got more chores down, a quiet evening now - had some artsy things and a dance to go to, wanted to attend but too tired. Some nice TV on anyways - last episode of Andromeda, new one of Grey's Anatomy, and of course Alias.

Nov - 3 - update - I forgot to mention the interesting technology used at Boone Plumbing and Heating. They have a huge place, just off Star Top road, big showroom in front, warehouse in back with shelves piled high with furnaces and bathtubs and showers and piping and "stuff"  - with forklifts whizzing around. I placed my order at the front desk, it got printed out on a multipart form (not paperless yet) with a bar code on it. The parts desk guy scanned the bar code with a handheld LED reader, which then used a wireless connection to load the order to the device. He then used that to find the items, scanned to show there is now less in the bin, and handed over the order. I signed the form manually - not his scanner. And before going to the parts desk, visited the cashier - who used a big rubber stamp to mark all copies of the form "Paid".  Interesting mix.


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