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My mom arrives Friday at noon so have a bit of a push on to get organized. But it still doesn't seem like time to panic - no snow yet, and Christmas isn't until Sunday night. Got some last minute presents today, I looked at the local mall for some Jazz CD's for my mom. I had a couple of lists from the web, but both HMV and Music World are pretty pathetic, I shouldn't have bothered looking there, hardly any Jazz stock.  CD Warehouse on St. Laurent is so much better - rows of the stuff. They couldn't find anything on my list (they looked it up, was all Imports), but I talked to the "Jazz Lady" and after explaining what type I was looking for - jazz for my mom to tap her foot too, not modern stuff - she suggested a few. Got her "Ella and Louis" (Fitzgerald and Armstrong of course) and also "Side by Side" (Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges). Just have to get her CD player working again - might be the headphones.

My daughter had called while she was in TO last week to say I had bought her a really nice (and expensive) bag for Christmas - I told her I really needed a large pot (other than the 12 pack I've developed) so she said to pick one out for myself. I browsed at C.A Paradis on Bank - I love that place. Ended up getting a stainless steel Heinkel 4.75qt casserole -shallow so I can use for saute also. But I will be filling with potatoes for Christmas day - mashed with garlic, cream, white cheddar, green onion - etc. Recipe is here.   

Edit - Dec 25 - I did the casserole yesterday - some updates. First, it calls for 12 medium Yukon Gold potatoes - they're not that big and I am bringing for 10 - so I doubled it. Checked with my brother (the corporate lawyer, opera singer, marathon runner, and chef), he'd just made to too for his big Christmas dinner and had doubled everything. he added some notes also:

hand mash initially with some butter and sour cream, then use the electric mixer. gradually add in the rest of the sour cream, cream, and cheese. beat until smooth and fluffy - you may need extra cream if they're a little dry. And always add more butter! Fold in bacon bits and chopped green onion (reserve a bit of each for a topping), then carefully spoon into well buttered casserole. The incorporated air will help the potatoes fluff up when re-heated.  Takes about 40 min in a 350 oven.  Endedit.

Took my son shopping at Mark's Work Warehouse last week for his gifts - so I know they'll be a hit. The rest of today was Stocking Stuffers - more expensive that the presents it seems. Stuff from the Dollar Store, and Mrs. Tiggy Winkle's, and Shoppers. We all have stuff for each other's stockings -I think we may need to hang up Queen size pantyhose this year. 


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