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Fat lip in the loo

I was visiting my sister a few weeks ago - I had a cold so what better time to visit someone about to head off for Quito, the Rain forest, and the Galapagos. Had been out for a walk and what with the chill of the day and several coffees I had a specific target. Her toilet seat cover, while a nice accessory, adds just enough padding so that the seat barely stays up on it's own, carefully teetering on the event horizon. (Have I mentioned that a pet peeve for guys is that, no matter how often we mention it, women keep forgetting to leave the set up?) Anyways, I was using one hand to aim and the other to hold a tissue for my runny nose, when there was a brief ripple in the local space-time continuum and the seat started to fall.  Reflexes took over - rather than spoil my aim with one hand my body chose to use the other to whap me on the lip. Leaving a difficult to explain lump.

I watched Hex Monday night - on Space. Looks like an interesting series, the promo says it "tells the chilling story of one girl’s exploration of the supernatural and her own sexual awakening at a remote English boarding school". English boarding schoolgirls, sex, witchcraft - just may appeal to a few people. It (and others) have bumped Alias from the 9pm slot to 4pm - a weird time. Seems like a soap now. Space is running the whole series, 5 days a week. We're into the last season. with a lot of new characters - perhaps many of the regulars wanted big raises so it was cheaper to just kill them off.

Went to a party Saturday, after a long walk. Starting at a friends place just after 5, we walked first to the O-train, as I've never ridden it, even though it's been here since 2001. Not fantastic, but fun - and empty. We went south to Greenboro first,  then back to Carleton, just to get a longer ride. From there the train tracks continue under the Rideau River - I'll have to check that out another time, in daylight. There used to be a lot of graffiti along that route, although I believe access is very tightly controlled. We headed over to Brewer Park to check out the speed skating oval  - it was a cold clear night so we could hear the crisp swish of the skates as we got there. They were holding a 40k marathon, which was 100 laps of the oval. Or truncated circle. Whatever. It was maybe -20c out, with a breeze, so their 90 minutes or so whooshing around must have been a bit chilly, even with all that exercise. We were still early for the party (which was only a block away from the park) so we headed over to Bank, then up to Fifth, then across to Bronson and back down to the party just after 7. Some of the guests were amazed that we would deliberately stay outside in that weather for almost 2 hours, since it was winter, and freezing outside. Being a Northerner, I dress accordingly for the cold weather. Back in the old days I had a 40 minute walk to the Northern College campus - whether is was a warm spring day or a -30c January morning. It may have been uphill both ways too. Back to the party, it was a January blues fighter and birthday celebration. There was 20 or so guests there, from a variety of groups, so conversations were varied and interesting. I even met an ex-neighbour there - she'd divorced and moved away from my street a year ago.  It's a small world. When we left we walked the more direct route, took maybe 30 minutes -it was colder and we were tired.


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