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Daser show

Come on out to the show this Saturday, March 17, at La Petite Mort Gallery, 306 Cumberland, here in Ottawa. Here's the info from the gallery:

Fun Paintings, Interesting Music, Intense Discussion
One of Canada's Pioneer street artists
With a history of over 20 years and still climbing.

"Reaction": It started out as an innocent jesture, an alternative to a stagnant reality, but like osmosis it exspanded, even beyond it's own Death. Knowing it was doomed to repeat it's self, each time more satirical in it's nature. It allowed it's self a loop whole, a mathematical percentage of those who would React. DASER, 2006

He'll have his art and some pics there, I'm bringing some photos I have of his work - always is a great time at Guy's. 


I went to Contact in Toronto last spring (4th year for me I think) and loved it - again. Photo exhibitions, workshops. Almost 200 venues - galleries, clubs, restaurants, stores, filled by amazing work from international stars to groups of local artists. I talked with Guy Berube of La Petite Mort Gallery - he'd just been to Contact and was equally impressed. And he was thinking of something similar for Ottawa.

The result is Ottawa's first Festival-X - ten days this fall for photography. Exhibitions, lectures, and workshops - currently planned for a number of galleries in the area. In addition, it's hoped this will serve as a focus for all the local talent behind the lens to print up some favorites, and talk to their local bar/restaurant/shops about putting up some work during September.

Main events will be from September 20 to 30, with a kickoff in late May.

The Ottawa festival is being organized by Guy Berube, owner of La Petite Mort Gallery. His team includes Francesco Corsaro of the Ottawa School of Art, Pierre Dessureault of the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography and Khalia Scott of the School of Photographic Arts, Ottawa.

The following is the latest info I have, via Guy Berube.

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