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Sens and urban art

There was a great picture in today's Ottawa Citizen of a Ottawa Senators graff mural -done on the Tech wall here at Bronson and Slater. I haven't been down yet myself, but found this pic online.

(June 6 - here's my pic of the wall.)

I sent the following in to the Citizen, hopefully will it get into the letters section:

Re: May 31 - D01 - Picture of SENS mural

A great picture of a great SENS graffiti mural on the Tech Wall, one of Ottawa’s two legal walls. This is the same wall City Staff was proposing to cover over at the recent Graffiti Bylaw meeting, after their own focused research had supported their theory that legal walls do not work. After several impassioned presentations by local artists and youth supporters council and staff allowed a one year extension to the legal walls, but only if their measurements showed that these community canvases resulted in less illegal tagging in their vicinity. They did not seem interested in any arguments about the artistic and cultural benefits of a legal wall – benefits for not only youth but the community at large.

This graffiti piece colourfully demonstrates how the free expression of urban art is an important part of the culture of a city, and can contribute to the civic pride our mayor seeks to inspire – Ottawa’s “swagger”.


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Tech Wall

Unfortunately the persons who put up that Sens piece on the Tech Wall are known vandals...and not so much a graffiti artist. They goes by the names of Cens and Josh. And are well known for bombing many businesses and properties in Centretown. It's interesting how the more vandal orriented graffiti artists will put up topical peices to legitimize them on a legal wall (like the sens peice and also the IRA RIP peice that is currently up http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn163/GREYPS/rip.jpg).

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