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Not summer

Quite a turn in the weather Saturday night - was only a few degrees c, winds 50-60 k, and me with my window air conditioner still in. Sort of in, with several gaps, and all the drafts of summer replaced with an icy wind down my neck. First chore of the day was to pull it out and close the window - will be a warmer sleep. A/C can stay in the corner for now, with a small tablecloth over it and a vase of flowers in the centre - a cozy looking spot.

2007_10_28_1The day was a mix of sun, wind, scattered clouds - and flurries. Good to see the first bit of snow, winter is a nice contrast I enjoy. Might as well enjoy it I figure, as we tend to see it every year. It was still nice enough out to go for a long walk with my grandson. And son and daughter in law. Grandson is just over a month old, so he stayed in his stroller for now - no pressure Noah. Dozing a bit, dreaming of whatever - maybe toys, maybe the new sights and sounds, maybe his next meal. They have a couple of nice parks near their house, one with a couple of play structures for grandpa to guide Noah through and over and under. Slowly of course - I'm not as spry as when I was a dad and I do remember these little rug-rats can move pretty 2007_10_28_2afast. But that sort of outing will have to wait a while, for now was just nice for all to get out in the fresh air with him and the proud parents - they did let grandpa push the stroller too . And of course the whole family was beaming proudly at everyone we met along the walk, as they paused to admire baby in a bucket.

My dinner later on was fancy for a change, even if just for one. I made a mashed potato delightfrom Foodtv the other day, even at half recipe it was enough for a few meals.  Garlic, white cheddar, sour cream, bacon, green onions - yumm. And it improves with age, so is great to make the day before a party. I did a chicken delight too, from The Urban Peasant,  by James Barber. Browned some pieces then threw in a casserole with apple juice, thyme, and apple pieces.

Good comfort food, and a nice accompaniment to watching Deadwood.  I love the series so bought the DVD's on Ebay, all three seasons. Great story, fantastic camera work, realistic sets, colourful language, it is typical of an HBO production. I'm working through it bit by bit - more now that cooler weather will mean less temptation to bask in the sun downtown. Another good series is re-starting Monday night, Saving Grace. It's bout a wild cop, who is into drugs and Jack Daniels and sex, there's a laid back, middle aged, tobacco chewing angel named Earl that is trying to save her. She's played by Holly Hunter, who is a great actress and very hot looking for 49. Did I mention there's a lot of nudity in it? Anyways, series has been on for a number of weeks, and I guess they want to stretch it out. So rather than show the last four episodes, it's restarting Oct 29 - 10pm on Showcase. The last four will be on starting December 31. Something for a quiet New Year's Eve.



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