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Did I miss the parade?

I sent this in to Letters to the Editor (Citizen) :

I was out of town a few days last week so missed much of  Ottawa's recent drama.

First I heard that Mayor O'Brien had challenged the OPP to charge him or drop it all, then I heard they picked the former. Then I heard, as quoted in the Citizen, that he claims he has a "clear and resounding voice of support" for staying in office. When was he given this? Did he parade up Bank Street past cheering dozens of supporters? With a detour of course around  the Somerset House demolition site? He does seem determined to cling to a Mr. Clean image for now, asking Council to turn the page, with the noble rationalization that it's for the best of the city.   I do realize we are in the midst of budget deliberations, a crucial time even if the deadline has been conveniently slipped a few months. Perhaps the deliberations would go better without the Mayor at the helm.

I haven't seen it published yet, but there has been a flurry of discussion in the paper over whether there was "clear and resounding support" for the mayor to stay. Environics and The Citizen did a recent poll, with 51% responding that he should resign completely, or at least step aside until the issue is resolved.   


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