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Ottawa mural consultation -update

Keepsix Collective - murals 'r us

As my fans know, I've long been a promoter of graffiti murals - street art - as a tool to clean up and beautify an area, prevent repeat tagging, reduce costs of fines and repeated priming, and involve youth and residents in improving their neighbourhood together.

I've been working at this in Toronto with Community CAVE for a couple years, and with Const. Scott Mills there, and basically on my own here in Ottawa. Recently I've hooked up here with the Keepsix Collective  - a group that will connect up street artists with residents and businesses. Mike G. runs it as part of his Keepsix site, has the artist connections, and has worked on commercial projects. I bring business skills, customer liaison, and experience on similar projects. And I can work both with the customers and the young artists to ensure a smooth project. Our service will add continuity and some business structure and documentation, while still focusing on the young artists and delivering a quick but quality response. 

Our first project was a 75 x 9 foot wall along the pool at the Jack Purcell Community Centre. Quick response, good cooperation, beautiful mural, and a happy customer. I'll post separately.

Here's what's on the Keepsix Collective site:

The Keepsix Collective is a service that connects residents and businesses with artists. We specialize in providing local street artists with a legal opportunity to beautify the city space around them. We are a volunteer run service with a team of experienced yet reasonably priced artists that are here to help curb the costs incurred by the new graffiti by law. Their murals are a colourful mix of artistic styles and scenes, designed along with the customer and conforming to local bylaws.

It has been proven in many cities that murals are a good way to prevent vandalism on your property. Murals can save businesses significant costs both in fines and in repeated cleaning and repriming, especially if they are in the high target zones of the new graffiti by-laws. At the same time this urban art will give young artists a chance to publicly display their work as legitimate art, to improve both artistic and business skills, to mentor each other and network, to make a bit of money, and to work with the community.

If you would like a mural done on your property please fill out the form HERE, and one of our coordinators will contact you. We will act as liaison, at no charge, to help you define your needs and to select some artists and a design. We will also help ensure your mural project runs smoothly, and collect feedback.

If you are an artist that would like to be a part of the Keepsix Collective, please fill out the form HERE, all contact information will be kept strictly confidential.You can use this Collective to network with other members, to organize group art shows, and to work on murals we are coordinating. We will post your artwork in a portfolio section on the Keepsix site, with access restricted to other Collective members. No fees required.


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