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Twitter to Facebook to blog to ...?

I've been blogging for several years, to share neat things I find and some ideas and opinions - mine and other's. I do enjoy the creative process but it's a long process, once I start a post and get into adding links I can easily spend an hour at it. 

I signed up to Facebook a year or so ago, as a quicker way to post short pieces but mainly to track what was happening with friends I'd made, and events - especially those related to my passion for promotion of graffiti murals as a positive tool. I have about 150 friends on there, but they are Facebook friends. These are mostly online links to people I have often only a tenuous association with, but I still want to be in the loop for what they are up too. And it works well for that. Unfortunately, some people post a slew of status updates that range in relevance from key events to what they had for breakfast. Means a lot of scrolling down through the day's postings to find what I want, as there's not a setting that says to only show me when someone says something interesting, or lets me group them. In addition, many people add lots of Facebook applications, to link in videos or slap me with a fish or ask what my top ten reasons to wear underwear are. Cute to some I suppose, but besides the annoyance factor many of these apps ask for personal info from your profile, something I resist. Many users also use FB for messaging, rather than email. Good for a quick note I find, but there's no way to archive or sort messages, or forward into email world. And once a message scrolls off the current list, it can easily get ignored.

Just to clarify, while the above might sounds like a trash of FB, all in all it is a good tool for me, I just keep it's limitations in mind. 

Then a few months ago I was sucked into the vortex of Twitter. So far I seem to be keeping my head above water. Again, this was for a community of people that I was interested in following and connecting with. They are likely also on Facebook, and have email, and telephones, and even indulge in face to face communication, but Twitter is their online pulse. There are many twitterers (?) on here - you can follow the "tweets" of Obama or Britney Spears or your kids or a TV program. And they can follow you. There's a limit of 140 characters to each tweet, so while it encourages brevity, it discourages depth and sometimes blocks clarity. They do promote using applications like, so at least links are kept short. A prolific poster can still bury others in his/her stream of messages though, so I use Tweetdeck as a tool. It lets me group several people together into one column to follow on the screen, or I can separate them into their own group of one. However, I'm still very picky as to whom I follow. In addition, I've linked my tweets to Facebook, so that my status updates also get posted there.

So, as to the title of this post - my flow now is to post an interesting tidbit to Twitter,  then sometimes expand on that item in Facebook, and sometimes take that further into a blog post. And finally post a link to that back up into a new "tweet".

Update - I forgot to add that part of this information swarm is reading papers and books, watchng the news, listening to CBC documentaries, talking with friends.....


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