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Driven to distraction

Many places are introducing bans on the use of cell phones while driving - unless it's hands free. But it's not just the cell phone, we all try to multi-task while driving, some to glance at the radio to change a station, some to grab our coffee mug or look for a street address or read a book or put on makeup. Yes, some people drive while they are that distracted yet still are so that confident in their driving ability that they believe they will not have an "accident". Quotes there because I think if they hit someone/something it's not really accidental, they chose to not pay attention and assumed no problem.

I found a PSA (public service announcement) on Youtube that tries to drive home the risks associated - with cell phone texting while driving - risks to you, to your passengers, to other drivers. Check it out, it's not pretty but I hope will be effective.


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