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Double-dipping to the max

My grandson Noah dropped by for lunch today with his dad. It's always good to see them both, and always fun to see him (the grandson) run amok here. He's a bundle of energy and very inquisitive about things. Besides being entertaining, these visits are a good incentive for me to keep my place relatively tidy too, although he is pretty good about not getting into things. If in doubt, he'll touch whatever he was going for and cautiously look back at you while shaking his head and quietly saying "no no no no". He has a drawer in the kitchen for his toys, and all the Zip-Lok bags he wants. He uses the bags to sort out his plastic blocks and then carry them around - a cheap but fun toy. 

Getting back to lunch here, besides serving up some sodium-laden Chef Boyardee noodles, I tried carrot sticks and low fat dip on the little lad. He liked the dip. Carrot sticks were just a tool for him though, he used one to grab some dip, then lick it off, then go back in for more dip. All the while he was being very careful to not accidentally bite the carrot. I must admit it was more sophisticated than just scooping it out with a finger. When he was finally done with his multiple dipping, he carefully placed the stick back on the platter with the rest of them, ready for someone else to use.  Good to see he's into the environmental concept of re-use, or maybe he just confuses grandpa with Davis Suzuki. 

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