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I'm passing on some Ottawa singles and couples party info for 2010, it's from an email a friend - Barry Owens - sent me. He doesn't have a web site so I'll put it here so I (and others) can link to it via sites like Twitter and Facebook. Go ahead and pass it on - and while you're hear, feel free to check out one of the supporting ads on this page. 

Barry  organizes cruises, ski weekends, wine tasting tours, golf trips - all well done, emphasis on friendship and fun. He also used to put on several dances a year at a local hall, with several hundred people, DJ, bar, munchies at midnight. Packed them in, and the dance floor was always full. He also organized a monthly networking event, Mingleworks, that was well attended too. Looks like from his email he's going to restart the dances and the Mingleworks - yay! His note starts below:


This email will hopefully come as an early Christmas present for many of you who used to attend and enjoy either my Ottawa "dance parties" or spring Tremblant Party Weekends or both in the past!  Both great for singles and couples, by the way, so relevant reading below for everyone!

Are you one of the many (and I mean hundreds) who used to attend my "dance parties" at La Contessa a couple of years ago and before?  I have to tell you that I have been shocked at the number of people that have said to me since then that they were disappointed they stopped or why don't you organize them again!  Well, in the new year, you will get your wish, so hope a lot of you are happy about that!  In fact, I am going to ask for a bit of help from many of you to get the word out there; particularly the first one will have to be very well attended and successful for this to work on a slightly regular basis... maybe 5 times a year (like before).... about every 10 weeks.  My goal would be 300 - 400 people per evening!  (It'll be use 'em or lose 'em)!

Formerly La Contessa at 156 Cleopatra off Hunt Club, 2 blocks west of Merivale, will again be the location, now under a new name... Giuseppina Palace.  The date of the initial kick-off party will be Friday, February 12th and, yes, it will have a Valentine's Day theme...  called "Cupid Night".  You are invited to come and find your Valentine or bring the one you have.
Anyway, more details to follow and a more formal invitation in the new year when we get closer.  But do block it off in your social calendar now and you could soon start to mention it to others when you get the chance... or forward this email onto friends if you like.  As before, if you are 8 to 10 people in a group, you can reserve a table ahead of time (first come, first served, while they last)!  Oh, and we will be helping out the Ottawa Food Bank (again) if you care to bring a canned good.
If you have not been to one of these before, I think you will enjoy your evening out at these dance parties with friends and making new ones.  Lots of people to meet and great dance music!  I'll be back to you on it later on.
And secondly, having done them for over 20 years in a row but not one last spring, I am seriously thinking of organizing my (annual) "Tremblant Party Weekend" for skiers and non-skiers again in 2010!  (In fact, more non-skiers than skiers come to this weekend as there is lots to see and do up there, parties, a live band, fun people to meet and more)!  If you would take a minute, I would appreciate hearing back from you on your possible interest in coming.  And, of course, you are encouraged invite friends to share accommodations with you and just spread the word.  I will be blocking many condos for the group, you bring your own food and booze, lots of fun things planned and it is a very inexpensive out-of-town weekend that will include a choice of 2, 3 or 4 nights in the package.  Hope to hear from you.
So cheers, have a great Christmas / holiday season and hope to host you at one or both of the above!!

P.S.  Oh, and just in case you are someone who is wondering.... yes, I will soon be looking for a new location for MingleWorks for the new year, the first Wednesday of the month networking cocktail party!


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