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Letter to my MP about prorogation

I sent the following to my MP on Jan 21- I will add any replies I get.


Mr Galipeau

I consider your party's use of this process to be a misuse, an abuse of power. It’s an escape from questions on Afghanistan detainee abuse, from issues of climate change, from bills that had been on the order paper.

The excuse that it is needed for consultation is just that – an excuse. You should be able to sit in Parliament and represent us now – that is what we hired you to do.

The façade of public consultations on cut-backs will be used by your party as way to avoid criticism on any cuts you do make – you can just claim that the public asked for them in one of those mystery meetings.

And the justification that the Senate was not working before is hollow – not having a Conservative majority allowed the opposition in the Senate to do their job, to act as a check and balance, to help to temper and modify bills from the House.  

Get back to work – and by that I mean get back into Parliament.

I am a member of the “chattering classes”, of the supposedly non-consequential FaceBook group against prorogation, and will be adding my voice on Parliament Hill this Saturday.

Do drop by to see how many voters care about this.

Do resist any urge to stand up and offer the same old Harper excuses.

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