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Changing times

Note - Saskatchewan readers can skip this post.

Hopefully we've now changed all our clocks and are springing forward to longer days, the promise of less snow, the fresh smells of spring. And more rain of course, to wash away all the doggie-doo and some of those smells. 

It's certainly simpler now to take care of all the clocks in our lives than it was in them olden days. I used to wake up in the morning with different times on the clock dials around the house, having changed some and not others, and of course forgotten which ones. I'd have to take a moment to figure out which way they were supposed to have gone, and thus which were right. Some of us would take all day to notice we were out of phase with the rest of the world. A few (never me!) would not clue in until we sat on the Monday morning bus and wondered where all our regular fellow riders were. Now our lives are all digital, and linked to some master clock at  24 Sussex Drive, so that the time changes automatically on the cell phone, the cable box, the TV, the fridge computer. And for those of us with a VCR still, it doesn't matter, as we've long since learned to ignore the blinking, and wrong, time display. 

At the end of the 10 o'clock news this morning the announcer helpfully reminded us all of the time change, saying we should all have changed our clocks at least an hour ahead. And then she quickly corrected herself, with a bemused tone of "why did I just say that?". Perhaps she was thinking for a moment that Newfoundland would need to add an extra half hour. 

I didn't bother to call my kids to remind them, they are more in tune than we ever were. Although, for their kids, it will be a challenge to explain just what clock-wise means - surrounded as they are with digital displays.

ps - I did mention to someone yesterday that we'll lose an hour's sleep. As a mother of a toddler, with another one on the way, she just laughed.


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