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Now Write! -Exercise 1

I blogged a while ago about a new book, Now Write!, by Sherry Ellis. It's a series of exercise from various authors on elements of writing, such as characters, plots, and description. It all looks like good advice, unfortunately there's nothing magic in there about beating procrastination. But, finally, here's the first exercise.

Instructions were to find a wedding picture and write a one page fiction inspired by it. I chose my grandparents' photo, form 1913. Some is fact, as I know the date and their backgrounds, but some is fiction added to the day. I didn't do a full page, could have added more fiction as to how they got there, where/when it was - maybe I will add later. Here's what I did so far, with the picture.

Onesime stands straight and handsome in his new suit, thick black hair brushed back and showing his widow's peak. There's a steady gaze to his dark eyes, but also a hint of a twinkle, he can never br completely serious. There's also a hint of a smile above his solid chin, as he tilts his head ever so slightly down towards his new bride.
She too stands straight, pretty in her new dress, a froth of lace cascading from her long neck.  Her brown hair is short and carefully parted right down the middle, its natural waves kept in check. Louise's face is more reserved, partially in shadow. Again, a hint of a smile here, but she is the more serious of the two.2010_03_28_01sa
Her husband looks dashing, his snow white  shirt collar rising stiff and straight around his neck, and the matching white tie tacked with a natty pin of course.
They both look thoughtful too, as if thinking of all the changes now that they are married. He's a very handsome French Canadian, originally from the country, where he worked hard and learned not from books, but from helping run the farm with his many brothers and sisters. He's now a city boy, a successful entrepeneur, confident and outspoken. He's likely seen by the single ladies as a great catch. He'll now be settling down a bit, with a wife to care for, and before long a daughter.
Louise is the local schoolteacher, Irish, well read, and an anglophone. Of course, current customs dictate that once married she must resign her post as teacher. 

Maybe they're both thinking that one of their first tasks will be to learn each other's language better.



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