Elicser Art Exhibit @ Norml March 20th
Now Write! -Exercise 1

Sparkly things for newsletter -some arts info

A local group I'm in has a new newsletter editor, so in a show of support for her foolishness bravery I agreed to send her a column on the sparkly things in my life. You know, all those distractions that keep popping up in front of us, luring us from the dedicated path of the protestant work ethic.

I decided to write about the internet, tech toys, interesting links, new tools that are changing political coverage and commentary, my favourite iPhone "apps", and some edgy arts musings and info. The last to add a bit of a hip-hop flavour, since that seems new to many in the group. 

But that list didn't really narrow things down, before I knew it I was over 800 words. So - once more in my life I'm telling myself to focus! 

Here's this months submission - with some minor edits. Next month will grab another topic. 

For now I’ll just point you to a few local locations for art and dance with a hip-hop flavour. There’s an artist list run via artengine.ca, that sends out notices several times a month related to the local arts community. It’s a simple mailing list, free to receive or submit to, so it tends to get the smaller and edgier events in it. I’ve made some interesting connections through there over the years. For example, a couple of galleries with newer and unusual artists are La Petite Mort (306 Cumberland) and Canteen (238 Dalhousie). Norml Clothing (184 Rideau) also has some showings, in fact there’s one until April 30th of art done by a Toronto friend , graff artist Elicser.  If you’re looking for dances with a good DJ beat, with mixes of techno, junglist, and hip-hop, check out the Mercury Lounge (56 Byward Market Square) for regular shows like Myafrofunkode. Or drop by on a Wednesday for We Love 2 Hump (www.mercurylounge.com). A bit to the west of downtown is the Eri Café, hidden upstairs at 953 Somerset, just past Preston. Home to great Eritrean food, and, on the third Friday of the month, to the DJ spins of Timekode. If you’d like to hear their DJ’s mix there are some great and free downloads at timekode.com. Another local DJ, CPI, offers even more mixes to download from her site, thetastates.com.  


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