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Downsizing - via Kijiji

I'm moving next week - from my house in S'Norleans to a rental apartment in Parkdale area. Time for my accommodation to catch up with my urban lifestyle.

It's been a challenge getting rid of things - it helps to have a friend do it with you, as they are a little more objective. Also helps for packing, as they just fill the boxes rather than reminiscing over ever single item.

I've been using Kijiji to sell things, it's a great way, easy to use and free. I'm wondering, does anyone use the hard copy classified's anymore? Part of the new lean and mean paradigm for print newspapers I guess. Here's the stuff I have currently:

Please check it out, need it all gone by Aug 29th.

Sept 16th update - mixed results with Kijiji - decided to keep TV and kitchen table for now, no good offers on air conditioner so just left it in the window. Nothing on the coffee mill, maybe I need to bring it to a consignment store. 


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