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Barry's MingleWorks is back

FYI - MingleWorks is a social gathering that has been run off and on by Barry for a number of years. Good chance to mingle comfortably, nibble some munchies, meet interesting people, and perhaps sign up for a trip or a cruise. Here's the invite he sent out...


Yes, after many months, "MingleWorks" is back and here is the invite and information.  For those of you who have never been in the past and don't know what it is, MingleWorks is an "afterwork social networking cocktail party", always held on the first Wednesday of each month and always at the same location.  Whether you are single or a couple, it is a great opportunity to get out once a month and "mingle" with friends and meet some new ones.
The location is the new MVP Lounge, 683 Bank Street in the Glebe, corner of Clemow.  It will start at 4:30 - 5PM and go until about 9PM.  Some people will head over directly from work; others may prefer to whip home, freshen up and come over then.  There is quite a bit of free parking in the area.

For this monthly party, everyone is going to be treated to some really good (Happy Hour) prices on drinks and appetizers!  How about $2.99 for domestic beer and bar shots, $1.99 for pop, a wine special (TBA), pitcher of beer for $12.95, and about 40% off on several items on their appetizer menu (such as $5.95 for a pound of wings). We will have out some complimentary nachos and salsa for you as well.
If this kind of social get-together each month interests you, I hope you will come and support it.  Perhaps you could forward this invitation on to some fun friends and help spread the word in Ottawa a little.  Thanx.
So, I hope to see you there for the opening on Wednesday, October 6th!  Come for the fun crowd, come for the great 'Happy Hour' drinks and food specials, come for the music, come for the invitations to other things and do come and have a great time each month!  And for sure, let's have a big re-opening kick-off party on the 6th!  Mike, Trevor, Paul (the owners) and I will be there that day to welcome you.
P.S.  I will try each month to remind you about it a couple of days prior but you can also put November 3rd and the Christmas Party on December 1st in your Fall social calendar now.


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