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Still writing -plus murals, trombone, etc

Still chugging along here with my November novel, over 18,000 words now. All of then excellent words on their own, some of them even strung together in a nice way. I'd rashly thought I could also improve my blogging frequency, so took up the NaBloPoMo challenge too. And dropped it. I really should decide what my blog wants to be when it grows up. I use it to promote my passion for graffiti murals and related projects, and will direct people to it for information specific to that. I also use it to comment on interesting issues I come across - topics like the environment, justice, finance, health. And, I also use it for a casual commentary on whatever's going on with me in general, be it joining a band, going on a trip, writing a novel, visiting with my grandson.

Today will be a what's happening with me sort of post.

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No BloPo - oops

Oops, so far only one day in a row for the month of blog posts. Missed a day already.

Taking longer each day than I'd planned for NaNoWriMo - mostly from editing as I write. A no-no for first draft apparantely but I keep getting ideas of other areas to add to or details to research. Starting to get some discipline thankfully - I just add a note in the text, like ??check_what_local_breweries_might_be_near" . Can search after for ?? and only counts as one extra word.

I did a whack of words the first day, as I was excited to see what my characters did. My first time at this, so I did outline, key events, lots of scenes in between on index cards, so now am filling in the blanks. But I'm also trying to leave room for a 90 degree turn in the plot if needs be.
Because life iteslf has no plot - we can make plans if we want, but it just happens. So I think the no-outline method can work for people too. Just write whatever comes to you and your characters, let them chat and think, let them wander off, let them nap or pop out for a smoke or let them get bored and wander down to the corner store in the middle of something. Just as in life. Collect those moments, shuffle them back and forth in the timeline, and have fun.
My novel has some aboriginal links in it too -so there will be some dreaming and some symbolism of sorts.

Back to the novel now- Dave was heading off to learn what curling was all about - he's from Toronto, posted to rural Manitoba, so learning to curl is not really optional. Right now he's waiting for me to get him to the rink.



3310 words today, NaBloPoMo, and Halloween

I got my NaNoWriMo outline finished last night, and started writing about 9:30 this morning. I slept in. Hunt and pecked until after 12, had about 2000 words by then. I added some this afternoon, then went to a write-in and a downtown dessert cafe. Was very quiet, several people at tables - most on their own - all sitting very very quietly and typing. I felt like tip=toeing and whispering. I did get another 100 words done in a couple of hours, but was a little weird, Needs a conversation corner too I think.

I talked with a couple of my sources today too - one is former RCMP, the other is Ojibwe. I'm OK on the basic outline and plot, but their help will add more details, more reality.

A link via twitter also pointed me to National Blog Posting Month. Same sort of thing  can be any month though. More of a challenge this month though, if you're cranking out a novel too.

I thought I'd add a note about Halloween and candies too. For the past few years, while living in S'Norleans, I would play a little game on Halloween. When kids showed up at my door, I'd smile, hold out a big bowl of assorted treats, and say "Help yourself". Almost all the kids reacted the same, they would look confused and then cautiously take one or two - some would ask if they could have another - fine with me. I'd often hear parents coaching them in stage whispers to only take one. If the kid looked at me again I would repeat to help themselves. Some of the big kids, that usually show up at the end of the evening, would grab a handful - by then I was glad to get the bowl empty.

This year I'm in the Parkdale area, near Holland and Scott. Same age range of young kids, same selection of candy, first group of young kids showed up and I gave them my line. Their eyes lit up and they grabbed candy by the hand-full some several hand-fulls, Next group was the same - that's the norm here I guess. The odd one too 1-3 candies, usually with a parent prompting, but by and large the local kids pigged out. Cleaned me out pretty quick too, I was hoping for some tiny chocolate bars of Smarties to fuel my writing - nope!