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Merry Christmas - 2010

Merry Christmas to all out there on the Wide World Web. I've been on here a long time, my first access was subsidized dial-up via National Capital Freenet. Not sure how long ago that was, but my account is "only" ae237 and was using a DEC Vt-100 terminal and a 300 baud modem. Likely was sometime in the late 90's, I remember was mostly list-servers and forums online, but there was this exciting new thing called Mozilla - a browsing type interface for the internet.  And here we are now with smartphones and Twitter. Oh well, I'll have lots of stories for my grandson about the old days.

Lower pressure Christmas this year, as did the kid things two weeks early, so spreads it out a bit. I dropped in to say hi to my son at his work on Thursday, then went across the street to my local pub. Only a few there, I had a couple of pints of Bud Light and a serving of their excellent fries. April was at the bar - she bought us all a round of shooters. She made them with Butter ripple and Green Sourpuss something plus some other bits and pieces. Was a shooter so not to be sipped anyways - went down fine.

Walked home to relax and read for a while, then off to a party at a friend's condo downtown on Christmas Eve. I brought my tourtiere. Others selections there included pierogies, and a herring salad. Much better tasting than it sounded to me initially, seemed like a potato salad with lots of onion and bits of herring. People also brought some mini-quiches, an apple crumble, and various desserts. Good food, good conversation - thanks Anna.

Edit - just found out that the salad was herring, sliced onion, chopped apple, and sour cream. Recipe to follow. 

Today was breakfast with my son and his wife, plus her brother and sister. And my two grandkids in the middle of a growing pile of toys. Got some great photos. Over to a friend's this afternoon to watch Avatar with some of her friends and her parents. The latter may be more confused than entertained by it. Then a big turkey dinner.

Going to a pre-New Year's party on the 30th - maybe there will be a big gang and I can make a tub of Moose Milk. I guarantee that will loosen any crowd up.

Little quieter this year for all the family without my mother around, but we have many memories to keep us going. I'll be staying in town for a change, so can do things like edit my novel. And file all these papers I see piled on my desk And close down my corporation - haven't worked for years. And try to catch up with photos - seems there's never a shortage of things to do for the retired.





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