MIA - my Globe and Mail, not the singer
Ack! - another book

Friday already?

Being retired, TGIF means better get my shopping done before the proles hit the stores tomorrow. But first some musings. I've been reading yet more about writing, several sites and books recommend practicing - by writing every day in a journal. Not necessarily a diary, just your current thoughts and and speculations, without any worry about editing, spelling, structure, character development, etc. Every day you start new, without re-reading yesterday's content, and fill more pages/books/shelves. I understand the concept, but can't help think that's time I could be working on "real" writing - meaning a new book, editing an old one, letters to the editor, short stories for contests, blog posts, etc. I do carry a small notebook to capture ideas on the go - but it's not a throw-away, I use those notes later.

Have a pot of beef-beer stew simmering, and a list of errands to do so need to get rolling here. It seems everytime I try for a quick post I end up adding items and links and spend an hour at it. Never enough time in the day it seems - especially for the retired. So:

  • Yet another fun band practice last night, all three trombones were there and we all managed to nail our parts at the same time. More of a big band sound than jazz, but the 18 or so in our group do have fun. And we often meet up for drinks after too at a nearby pub - need to replenish our spit. I passed last night, opting instead for a few groceries (love my 24hr Metro) and then to Daniel O'Connell's pub and their Irish music night - a regular Thursday feature
  • O'Connell's was packed as usual - the front window area filled with players and their fiddles, guitars, penny whistles, wooden flutes, bodhrans, and button accordions. And the rest was packed with drinkers and singers, most attentive to the music, some needing to be shushed occasionally. And racing around was tiny April - a whirlwind of a bartender.
  • Kevin Dooley was there of course, singing a few songs and hoisting a few pints, and promoting yet another book reading for his latest novel,  It's at Collected Works, on Wellington, 1-3 on March 13th. He'd had a launch and reading at O'Connell's last week, with much Irish music and a few pints, I asked if he would be singing at this reading - no, he said. I mentioned that I'd not have to warn people then - fuck off, he said. With a smile.
  •  Speaking of drinking, nice to see yet another article in the Globe and Mail, by Paul Taylor, that points to a study on the benefits of a few drinks a day - two to be exact. Was a group from the University of Calgary, that surveyed a number of studies - 140 in all. Not sure if the study was funded as part of the Conservative Canada's Economic Action Plan.
  • Another G&M article looks at how the Conservatives are using the CEAP as blatant pre-election advertising, with more than 80 Conservative MPs and senators holding events yesterday (Feb 24) to remind us all  - at an advertising cost of $6.5 million - what a great job this stimulus plan - a spending spree of $60 billion of our money - has done to save us all from financial ruin and international embarrassment.

Off to chores now - a nice day for walking. Wine store over at Kirkwood - using an iPhone app to remind me of some favourites, then onions for my stew, library at Rosemount to return a book by P. D. James (excellent of course) and get another one. Then back for some things and the drug store, then past O'Connell's - perhaps with a pause. Just need to make sure I'm back in time for the Political Panel at 5:15 on CBC1's All in a Day. Or just listen online via my iPhone - love it!




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