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Friday already?

MIA - my Globe and Mail, not the singer

Popped my pills, brewed a coffee, and creaked down the stairs to the mailbox - no G&M. Their voice mail claims production difficulties, again, and that they'll deliver both days' worth tomorrow. This happened last week, and several times last year. Plus I seem to get missed by my carrier maybe once a month. Not that I can't use the time for something else, but it does get me thinking again about switching from print to digital. But only briefly - I do like to sit at my table by the window, sip a fresh ground coffee, spread out the paper and slowly work my way through it. If I see an article I want to save - whether for later blogging or a letter to the editor or to hand to a friend - it's simple to tear it out. I like not only the content, but also the medium and the experience of using it.

Digital is a different world (well duh!). I can try to look at an online copy of the paper, a snapshot of that day's edition - same layout, same ads, all crammed into the height of my computer monitor. Or zoom and scroll. Don't like that format. Or, I can look at the digital re-arranged version of the paper - same articles, just rearranged on a website, complete with links to each other, to supporting information, to buttons for tweeting and printing and emailing. All as a dynamic site, changing as new stories are added, the news as something new. With links to add my own comments to the dozens already there. Tempting, but I'm not ready yet to give up those finger-staining pages every morning. Well, every morning  that the paper arrives.

Speaking of passing on articles, here are a few from the pile:

  • G&M - Feb 9, 2011 - Tim Wu wrote about Canada's UBB (Usage Based Billing) - Paying so much for bandwidth, getting so little.
  • G&M - Feb 10, 2011 - Hugh Thompson wrote - What is a fair price for Internet Service?
  • Ottawa Citizen - Feb 16, 2011 - Dan Gardner wrote - Harper is governing by sledgehammer.

And for music by MIA - here's an iTunes link.




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