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You've got mail!

Well - sort of.

Mail service in Canada started early this week after the Government passed back to work legislation. I got mail on Wednesday - one letter, one flyer. Nothing the next day. I must say I didn't really miss my mail the past few weeks, as all my bills are paid online, I do get some statements in the mail but they're not that time-critical. I've no magazine subscriptions, and don't even look at the various flyers that appear. Might be nice if we could opt out of mail delivery completely and get some sort of credit. Not likely to happen though, Canada Post needs that income from all the junk mail they stuff in my mailbox. Maybe this latest strike will renew discussion about privatization. 

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Welcome to my blog


 This blog may seem a little unfocused, but then so am I - I'm a writer, photographer, trombonist, online gamer, grandfather, and was a promoter of graffiti as both an art form and a community change agent. And was a Quality Manager.

You can subscribe to my posts, over on the right-hand panel, via RSS feed or emails. I'm mostly on SubStack (see below) with regular commentary on the news and such, my writing progress, and the occasional essay. I'm also on  Facebook , Twitter,  Telegram, or  at Mastodon


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Sparkly things - musings in the sun

The following was written for a newsletter for one my groups, I'm reposting it here. 


“Are you keeping busy?”

I get this question often when people find out that I'm retired. For some it's a concern that I'm not bored and depressed and about to go postal, but for others that's how they define themselves and their work, as being busy. As opposed to being idle and non-productive I suppose.

I was busy enjoying my new “hood” the other day: had taken a few urban life photos, picked up a library book, enjoyed a BBQ sausage from a local chip wagon, made some notes for my novel, met with a musician to discuss a newsletter, and stopped by the sunny patio of my local pub to quench my thirst. So far it had been a typical unstructured yet busy day. As I sat there in the sun watching the world go by, sipping a Keith's, I mused on the myth - or fear - some believe in of empty retirement days. I find I often "do" more different things in a day than when I was gainfully employed, but is it work?

One could define work as “To exert oneself physically or mentally in order to do, make, or accomplish something”. From that you'd think even I - sitting in the sun, enjoying life and wondering if my pension checks came in yet - was working. But the assumption for many seems to be that it has to be a formal productive job, something that pays a wage. They don't understand the concept of retirement – yet.

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Barry's beer on Bank

It's the turn of Bank in the Glebe to get torn up - replacing 100 yr old pipes so a major job. But supposedly businesses all still open, the main issue being parking now.

Barry is hosting another of his patio parties at the MVP Lounge on Bank tonight (June 1). The pub is small but the patio large, nice place to sit and relax and meet old and new friends. And hopefully escape before that hockey stuff starts! Details below.

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