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Ottawa photo show - urban reality

We're planning a photo exhibit as part of the annual House of PainT hip-hop festival here in Ottawa. The exhibit will be at Fall Down Gallery, 288 Bank, opening August 4th.

The concept behind the exhibit is 'Ottawa as an Urban City'.

We're constantly shown images of Ottawa produced by the NCC or Tourism Canada, featuring sunset bike rides along the river or skating along the canal, but for most of the people who live in Ottawa - and love the city - the reality is much more urban. We're looking for images that show Ottawa as a CITY - a place where people live, work, travel, shop, party, chill, play, on streets, sidewalks, back alleys, yards and parking lots. We want to show that Ottawa is beautiful not only for our tourist attractions, but also for those things we experience day to day.

So in keeping with the 2011 festival theme - CONNECT - we're looking for work that, in some way, connects the viewer to Ottawa (the architecture, the landscape, the people, etc...) in that way. We want to connect Ottawans with the urban reality of the city.

Do you have anything in your portfolio that could speak to that? If you do then let me know! Know someone else who's work would fit with this? Pass on their contact info!

Additional info on photo show:

  • Gallery will look after hanging the photos (since are their walls and methods),
  • Photographers to provide info on their work - their name, name/desciption of photo, price, so gallery can do labels and price list,
  • Photographers welcome to bring business cards/leaflets also
  • Gallery and HoP will publicize show as part of festival, via postering, local papers, radio, online Facebook events, etc.

Send us 2-5 of your best images on this, by July 27th, we'll pick the top 15 and print and frame them for you as 8x10's or 8x12's for the show.
Your work will be priced between $45 and $60, split three ways between the photographer, HoP, and the gallery.
We'll also print the 20 runners-up as 5x7's, hang them in a "clothesline sale", and sell unframed for $6 each - with the same three way split.
Jury for the show will be myself (Mike Young), Sabra Ripley, and Alex Mattar.
Any photos not sold will remain the property of the photographer.

If you'd prefer to print/frame your own photos, we can discuss. We're easy.

Please email photos to Mike, ravensview at gmail dot com, subject HoP photo show, with a resolution of 300 dpi for an 8x10 or 8x12 image. That's about a 1-3 M jpeg file.




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