Christmas in a strange place
After "the end"

Be it resolved ...

I was going to write about resolutions again this year, but after looking at last year's post- I'm pretty well happy with what I said.

I noticed I didn't commit to any big changes a year ago, so don't have any big regrets to deal with. And that's what this whole resolutions thing seems to me to be - looking back at the year and rather than celebrating our strengths, poking around until we finding a failing or two that we can tackle. Not that I'm against "improving", but I wonder if it's our Christian background that needs to remind us of our failures and sins.

I came across a different approach the other day, posted by Suzemuse. She was inspired by Chris Brogan - both sites are worth the visit. The concept is pretty simple - rather than resolving a whole list of things, pick three key words that represent areas you want to concentrate on, things that are important to you for the year. Words like family, curiosity, relax, focus, believe, listen, that can represent goals for the year. If you start with a huge list, if you get distracted by sparkely things like I do, maybe one of your words for the year should be focus, at any rate pick your three and post them up over your desk, or maybe the bathroom mirror. Then as the year goes on, use them to guide your path, to to be a base for setting some objectives. SMART objectives, of course - Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely. For example, rather than saying you'll walk more, the objective would be to walk for 30 minutes 5 days in a week. 

So - what are my three words? Focus, Health, Writing. We'll see how that goes.




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