The Unlikeable Protagonist
ROW check in - 2/19 - Backsliding

ROW80 check in (2/15) -unblocking my plumbing

I like this challenge, mainly because so far I've met it. Well, sort of.

I had wanted to edit my WIP every day, but haven't done that as much as planned. I could use the excuse that the editing is tied to Scrivener and my PC, so not iPad friendly and capable of being carried around for those spare minutes. But challenges are also about honesty, so I'll admit editing is a pain for me, so I tend to avoid it. And I do realize it's best done in 1-2 hour chunks, away from distractions. There's a lot of focus needed for me to keep track when juggling scenes, characters, and plot points.

Another challenge was to work on short stories, I'm doing better at that. I did another Flash Fiction challenge for Chuck Wendig at Terrible Minds, the constraint this week was to write using an unlikeable protagonist. I used that approach for a Hallmark Valentine's Day post yesterday, and discovered it was a nice way to spin the story. I also spent some time Monday on a book review of Zoo City, by Lauren Beukes. I'm in a small book club that meets every month or so to review a sci-fi/fantasy book, Zoo City was our last one. In other news - got a shoulder MRI Monday - weird experience. You get slid into a tube then someone whacks the outside with a 2x4, all the while telling you not to move.

My final challenge was to keep up with my list of writer/editor blogs. I follow maybe 15 of these, and see about 10 posts a day from them. Some have tips I take note of, some I comment back on, some are just a point to ponder. That part is easy to do, I just use Google Reader on my iPad and work my way through.

Oh - and the blocked plumbing? Not a personal issue, although that type is not that uncommon with some older folks. No, kitchen drain in my apartment. Since I moved in a year and a half ago have had the occasional slow/blocked drain. It's an older 2 story place, with my apartment the top half, and was built in the 60's. They cut out the old galvanized pipe just now, it was down to maybe 1/2 inch diameter. 




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