Making a Sandwich
A five sentence story

ROW80 check in (2/26) - on time

This is an unusual Sunday check in for me - in that it's happening on a Sunday. Surprise!

My goal of one hour for editing a day seems to be working better, and I am slowly filling in the gaps in my first novel. When I rearranged some of the scenes I ended up with some sequencing problems, some gaps and errors in continuity. Also, as I've been reading about writing and found some things especially relevant to my current novel(s). All to say that there is a scattering of notes throughout both books now, prompting me for changes and additions, all flagged with "??" so that I can find them. 

Blogs on writing/editing/publishing are all caught up. This seems the easiest of my objectives, maybe because it feels like playing hooky when I'm reading through them, and following the occasional link. Hence I try to save this for the end of the day.

Short stories are going well, still. Lots of good feedback on the last one. Next challenge - due by Monday - is to write a very short story - 5 sentences, no more than 100 words. Good thing to muse on at the coffeeshop.




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Julie Jordan Scott

Great job... and wowza on your Sunday check in. Editing is my weakness... I need to at least fall "in like" with it... any suggestions?

Keep ROWING right along... glad to see you here!

Darlene Steelman

Good job! :)

shah wharton

Hey, doing great on your ROW80 (I'm a fellow rower). 'm probably in a similar place re the edit of your first book. I really don't enjoy the editing process, although when I re-read and see the improvements, I'm chuffed :)

I did the Terrible Minds Challenge. He has 141 comments and I'm in there somewhere. I wouldn't want to have to read all of those. Good luck with yours.

Have a great week. X


I had some editing suggestions in my ROW80 FB check in post for last Sunday - the one I actually did on Sunday. I looked at all the macro and micro changes, and did a list of things to be done, the steps. I'll post it as a blog post.

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