Good enough for self-publishing
ROW80 check in 3/5

ROW80 check in (2/29)

Just a quick post here, as I have already spent way too much time today NOT meeting my ROW80 objectives. 29 days in February means another day to procrastinate this month. What I DID do was:

  • spent some time researching how to use my D90 camera and SB800 flash for interior work. I knew this a while ago, just needed to refresh as may have to apply the knowledge soon.
  • phone calls to family and friends
  • Facebook and Twitter distractions
  • made some delicious Leek and Potato soup, with heavy cream added of course
  • did a blog post on some Self-Publishing thoughts

Still hoping to do some editing today - it's not midnight yet!


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Morgan Dragonwillow (@MDragonwillow)

You also wrote a fabulous five sentence story that I thought was wonderful! Your soup sounds delicious and your camera sounds great! I am going to tell my family I want a good camera for my birthday this year. I love photography and have since I received my first camera when I was ten years old. I love how cameras have gone digital and I can instantly have access to my pictures. I haven't read your Self-publishing thoughts post yet but I plan on it.

I look forward to seeing what you do the rest of the week!



Yes - thx Morgan, I had been focusing on a slow Wednesday and ignoring previous successes. Soup was yummy, left overs too. Camera is a pretty good one - meets my needs still. A friend was asking if he should get a better camera, I said to think of it as a tool. If your dreams and needs exceed your tool's capabilities - get a better one.

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