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ROW80 - my second checkin

I just started this with last Wednesday's check in, I'm still trying to nail down a good schedule.

My objectives - and progress - are:

  • edit two draft novels 90 minutes a day -- trying to do early every day, has been an hour for some, two hours other days. But do finally feel I am getting somewhere with the first one, my 2010 NaNoWriMo
  • one short story challenge a week - did that, for last Friday -- link is here. Next one is a Valentines one I think, sort of an erotic horror 
  • read blog list of writers/editors 30 mins a day -- did more to catch up, but now ok-- get maybe 10-12 different ones a day to look at. If relevant to my current writing, I'll make a not of it in the appropriate story. If it really clicks, I save it the post.

I considered adding some non-writing goals, like more exercise and less local pubs. Nothing definite yet. After my morning editing I head over with my iPad to a nearby Bridgehead coffee shop. It's a brisk 20 minute walk there, and a comfy place to catch up on blogs, work on a short story, and people watch. Another 20 minute walk back, which unfortunately passes right by my favorite pub, so I think I need to change my route sometimes to reduce temptation.



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It does take a bit of time to tweek goals, and feel free to do just that until you find a balance that works well for you. Good idea on the walks, and an even better one adjusting your return route *grin* Unless you plan to write while you're at the pub that is, then its okay.

Have a great week :)

Heather Kelly

Sounds like you are hitting your goals, and being flexible around changing them--two great things! Pub writing might be fun. You never know what might come out of that. :) Good luck this week!


Thx for the comments. My small pub is a rich source of material, I just need to be subtle when taking notes, now that the regulars know I'm a writer. If it's crowded and noisy I use a pen and small pocket notebook to jot things down, if its a quiet afternoon I use my iPad.

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