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ROW80 - the writing challenge that knows you have a life

First day.

This challenge is called "A Round of Words in 80 Days", and is a challenge that lets you set the balance that works for you. You choose the goal(s), and some SMART objectives to help you get there, publish it all on your blog, and do an update in there of your progress twice a week. You link the original goals and progress updates to the ROW80 site, to show off your progress, and so that others can track you too. No big prizes, and the only pressure is peer pressure, but I've decided to give it a try. I do realize my whole life would probably benefit from an overall set of goals and objectives and structure, but I'll start on this little corner of it for now. The challenge repeats four times each year, and the current one started this January but you can pick it up at any checkin too. So I will, on Wednesday.

My big goals are about being an author - as in a published writer. So one goal is to finish the two first drafts I did in the last two NaNoWriMo's. Which leads to an objective of editing 90 minutes each day. Another goal is to be a better writer, so that gives me an objective of writing a short story a week - via site challenges such as Chuck Wendig's Terrible Minds, and another objective to spend 30 minutes a day reading from my Google Reader list of writer's blogs. For the last one, I think the challenge will be to read no more than 30 mins a day - so easy to just keep on following links and threads of ideas through the Internet. So - I have:

  • edit novels 90 minutes a day
  • one short story challenge a week
  • read blog list of writers/editors 30 mins a day

I'll see how it goes - fingers crossed.I think my second step will be to get up earlier and at least start the day on a schedule. Which leads to the first step - get to bed before midnite - no more late night tv or reading.




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Welcome to our world! I like your eminently sensible goals; hope you achieve them all with ease!

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