The Fire of the Gods
ROW80 - round 2 -five more sleeps

Not a ROW80 check in

Seems strange to be relatively free of writing objectives, but didn't take me long to find more.

Editing - still reading about it but I'm getting so much from this book that I feel anything I do will just have to be covered again. So - plowing ahead with my reading.

Short stories - Chuck has another challenge - of course - to pick from one of five suggested settings:

Lunar Brothel

Abandoned Amusement Park

The Bottom of the Ocean

Penthouse Apartment during the Apocalypse

Fairy Tale Forest

Due Friday, noon. Likely will let it percolate in my mind then write Thursday. Or Friday morning.

Blogs - keeping up still - added more though. Feeds from (on Anthropology), from New Scientist magazine, and a writer, L. S. Engler  It's not her birthday today, nor is it mine - if that's you too, then enjoy this.  

That's it for me - have done some chores, called family and friends, listened to CBC discussion re the NDP leadership convention, caught the latest "Dave" story on Vinyl Cafe, loaded TuneIn to my pc and iPhone, and added Angry Birds in Space to my iPad. More than enough accomplishments for a retired person, I think. Time to head up to the cafe for a coffee and some reading, then a walk, then some tunes at a pub as some local musicians gather round a table and play.




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Morgan Dragonwillow (@MDragonwillow)

I wish you had the Follow By Email gadget in your top right corner so I could receive your posts in my email.

Trying to keep up with how Rowers are doing. :D



I had a Subscribe link there, but was only for RSS. I added an email feed thing for the blog too just now - good idea.
Wish I could also add a "follow this comment by email" button, but Typepad doesn't support that so far.

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