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ROW80 check in 3/14

ROW80 check in 3/11

Yes - late again. But yesterday was such a beautiful day I had to add a new objective - to enjoy the first real day of spring. Allegedly it got up to 12C, but sitting in the sun and out of the breeze it felt even warmer. I walked down to the end of Wellington West - maybe 20 minutes - then doubled back for a Bridgehead coffee. It was packed inside, so I sat in front on a bench soaking up the rays, adding to my Vitamin D. I've a book on the go - always do it seems - this one for my sci-fi book club. It's Air, by Geoff Ryman. Not that great for the first 40 pages or so, but was an assignment so I kept at it. Glad I did so, an interesting concept, and a good treatment of it. I have some criticisms too - will save for when our group meets.

It was nice to spend an hour or so of spring weather just relaxing, reading, smiling back at people as they wandered by. As I walked home I noticed "my" local pub had finally put out some patio furniture. I felt their initiative should be recognized, so stopped by for a pint. Shortly after, the sun set behind a condo, so I moved inside to enjoy the music from their Sunday Open Stage. Besides the regular guitars there was a five-string banjo - hard to hear him unplugged, but always a favorite sound of mine. His partner was at the bar, working on some writing. She had an iPad and a stack of index cards - she was carefully transcribing from the screen to cards. I mentioned that there's an app for that, but she preferred the manual process of filling out actual cards, then rearranging them into a storyline. I can see that - sometimes I like to write longhand in a notebook. Actually, I have the iPad app, but discovered it won't sync with the index cards in Scrivener - at least not on the pc version. 

But enough rambling - on to the objectives:

  • editing - as I'd mentioned, found some good tips on revision via Holly Lisle, but have been trying to figure out a way to edit without printing out all some 300 pages. It's do-able - can output as a PDF and then edit/annotate that  on my iPad via Notability, but I think I just need to bite the bullet, buy some toner and paper, and get to it. For all my desire to be flexible with using an iPad, sometimes I need to just sit quietly at home and work at it.
  • short story - did the challenge for last Friday - based on a song. Good feedback. I like doing these, it gets me focused on a bit or writing that gets "published" out there, and it gives me largely positive feedback - an encouragement to keep on editing the bigger work
  • blogs - staying current. Added yet another one to follow - Wordplay .





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Heather Kelly

We had a beautiful day yesterday too--in New England. So wonderful to see the season start to turn, even after such a mild winter. Although I am always prepared for the April snow storm. Can't put away the hats and boots yet!

I just printed out my ms AGAIN. However, I minimized it to 6point font--(and it's single spaced) so a 300+ page work gets printed out into 92 pages... However, I might need stronger glasses when I'm through, so I recommend it with a caveat. :)

But I love the idea of the Shrunken Manuscript, and having a sense of the overall picture...

Good luck editing! (All this was me saying that I have to have hard copy to revise...)


Thx Heather - helps to have this stack of paper in front of me. Easier to see some progress as I work my way through it physically.

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