ROW80 check in 3/11
Chosen Words

ROW80 check in 3/14

Woohoo - found another distraction from editing.

I just picked up a copy of Self-editing for Writers at the library - it was recommended at Writer Unboxed. Looks good so far, I covered the first three chapters last night. Each one finishes off with a checklist to apply to your own WP, as well as some exercises.

Heading over to my grandson's shortly, to play and maybe let my son catch an hour or tow of sleep - one of the kids was up- teething - most of the night. Today is not as nice as last few days - yesterday I visited coffee shop, pizza cafe, library, and then a sunny patio at a pub. Couple of guys were sitting and enjoying the hot sun and cold beer too, I tried reading but their stories were more interesting. Just a couple of friendly relaxed funny guys I've met before, this time they were comparing stories of when they had passengers in their cars get sick - as in late night, too much beer and greasy food sick - and get sick in the car. Sorry if the image is disturbing, but it honestly was not that bad at the time, almost like a Monty Python sketch. Even the bartender stayed to listen, with sort of a watching a car crash fascination. Was interesting how some people can make pretty well any topic be funny. For myself, maybe raising two kids as a part time single dad helped set the bar for me for being grossed out.

So - now that I've grossed you out too - here's my progress since my last check in:

  • editing my WIP - have printed it out - 300 some pages - and started through the stack. I'm trying that one-pass method I mentioned earlier, we'll see how it goes. I wanted to do this all online, but there is something satisfying about seeing that stack of paper, and writing on the pages and moving them from one pile to another. No idea how long it will take - I'll have to do an hour and measure so I can set up a schedule and target date to be through it. And then a date to enter all those edits back online.
  • short story - this week's challenge from Terrible Minds is to take 10 of 20 words Chuck listed, and use them in a story. Have my 10, and some ideas - better get rolling as it's du Friday noon. I do like doing these, will have to consider sending them in to a magazine or something. Perhaps after some editing and changes so they are no longer as previously published.
  • blogs - yes please. I am managing to keep up, but will start noting the articles I especially enjoy and link to them in here




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AmyBeth Inverness

I agree. There is something satisfying in seeing that big stack of paper, and actually using a real pen while your hand swoops and dips to form the words. Then, after going through the whole thing, putting those changes back into the manuscript really helps the whole thing flow together.

Darlene Steelman

Sounds like you are doing very well.. :) Keep up the great work.

Jessica Fritsche

I love editing by really lets me get into the words. I feel like a Very Official Writer when I do it that way, too. :-)

Eden Mabee

Funny that I decided this whole 'try to edit the WiP on the computer' thing wasn't working for me either this week.... There really IS a synchronicity in the ROW. We all start talking about/doing the same things around the same times....

The visit to see your grandchildren sounds nice even if it did involve a teething child. Those moment, as rough as they are, don't last forever (thankfully). And at least you were all mentally primed for it after a talk about vomiting and food. ;-)

Have a great "rest of the week", Mike.

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