ROW check in 3/18 - too much summer
The Fire of the Gods

ROW80 check in for 3/21 - the final one

Wow - been a busy few weeks since I started February 8th. 

My objectives had been:

  • edit my WIP, the novel I did for NaNoWriMo in 2010. 
  • do a short story/flash fiction each week
  • keep up with various writing and editing blogs I follow
  • reading - a late addition

So - how did I do? I didn't meet my objectives all the time, but I did do more that I would have without ROW80. Plus I met other writers, read and learned from and commented on their wor, and had some positive feedback on mine too back from them. And finally, some friends and family have read and enjoyed my writing, and ask for more. 

So look at me now, I'm a writer. Because I write. I'll definitely be back for the next ROW80 on April 2nd. 

And now to my current status:

  • WIP - still only a few scenes into it. That pile of paper looks daunting to me, although I know once I start moving pages to the finished pile it will go easier. Still reading library copy of Self-editing for Fiction Writers (2nd ed) by Browne and King. I know, reading about editing doesn't really count, but this looks good enough to buy a copy. 
  • flash fiction - may not do one this Friday. Topic from Terrible Minds is The Fire of the Gods, I've been waiting for inspiration, but none so far. Head cold, cough, medication, and a hangover not helping my creativity.Had way too much fun last night.
  • blogs - yup, current. Good post from Writer Unboxed on the novel writing process. Write it Sideways talks about reading to help your writing
  • reading - objective I think will be to read an hour a day - in a mix of fiction and non-fiction. The former can help improve your style and technique, by seeing what good writers do. The latter can help improve your creativity, by poking your nose into a wide variety of subjects. 

 That's it for this ROW80, but hope to keep up the habit of blogging more. Right now - more cold medication. And a nap.






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shah wharton

Good going Mike. Hope you feel better soon. :) X

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