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ROW80-2 checkin 4/15 -captive audience

Sunday was a day of distractions. I did get some good editing done, but then had to update a book report for a sci-fi book club. Then went for a coffee then spent a couple of hours discussing the book then hurried home. Well, hurried towards home - weather had turned too chilly for my shorts so ended up stopping midway at my local pub. Was worried about hypothermia. Live music and some Harp Ale. Not too busy, so also marked some scholarship applications submitted to a group I'm in. Good intentions after a late supper for all the ROW80 things, but was distracted by some episodes of Sherlock Holmes my son lent me. Distracted until 2:30am I think.

Sorry submitting you to that ramble - my the topic was captive audience, wasn't it?

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ROW80 round 2 check in - 4/11 -stuck

I seem to be stuck. Not writers block, no, just stuck with my objectives. Mainly the first one, editing my WIP. Which delays everything else it seems. Oh, and a day late again, but that's the new normal for me I think.

My editing went so well at the start of round 2 - clean table, sunny window, fresh breeze in the window, birds chirping in the garden, manuscript freshly printed. I worked through each scene, pen in hand, adding dialogue or description, little arrows and notes saying -  move to next scene, add more emotion, or check online. 

Now I'm back in my 'office', with cluttered desk, blinds pulled, a stack of paper covered with cryptic notes, warm spring days beckoning me out. And of course overlaying it all is the distraction of the Wide World Web. Damn you Al Gore. I've tried turning off my router - that helps until I need to check a fact for my WIP.

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Once Upon a Time

This was another challenge, from Flash Fiction Friday

Write a fairy tale with this starter: “Once upon a time” and these words: Widow, Woodcutter, Witch, Willow, and Wander. Due Wednesday, 9pm 1300 wds max

 So here it is ...

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a woodcutter, a witch, and a wolf. Once upon a time, they lived in an enchanted forest, with stately oaks, winsome willows, whispering pines, sunny meadows, babbling brooks, birds, butterflies, and bunnies. Once upon a time, they and other characters spun tales of heroes and villains, princes and fair maidens, love and horror.

Now they lived in a condo by the beach. Tuesday they played bridge, Saturday was movie night, most other days found them around the pool.

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ROW80 round 2 check in - 4/8 - Easter gift

WooHoo - sold my first story. But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. First to the rest of the day.

So, that's it - Easter is done. Grandchildren over, ham and scalloped potatos and corn and asparagus. And chocolate of course. I had a spiral cut ham, with brown sugar glaze. Glaze was nice, but pre-sliced? Meh! Meant that by the time ham was heated through, most of the juices were in the pan around it. And it's not as if it's hard to slice a ham. Take a bit off the smaller side so it will sit flatly, slice at right angles  to the bone, then release slices with a slice along the bone. Lots of leftovers for sandwiches and casseroles. It was nice to have the little ones visit and play - I saved toys from my kids for them. Fun ages, 4 1/2 and 2. Even swept the dust bunnies up before they came over. 

So not as much as I'd hoped on my objectives today, but any progress is good, right? Hopefully this week I'll get a 100% complete on just one day. I'll update where I'm at so far while listening to Black and Blues on local  campus radio - Carleton U - CKCU-FM 

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