Death Is On The Table

ROW80-2 checkin 4/22 - spring's late too

Yes - I'm late, as is spring. Photo shows front yard and car - snow tires just came off last Thursday. Jinx! I woke up to a couple of cm of snow on the ground, a long lists of accidents on the radio, and no need to set foot outside into winter. Or whatever season we're in now - maybe it is spring, here and on time. It's just being "seasonal" and those +20C days we had were teasers. 2012 04 23_0227aSupposedly teasing is a marketing thing us writers can do too, by letting people see a chapter or so from our soon to be released book. Julie Czerneda is doing that with one of her latest - I've been reading an early draft version here, chapter by chapter, on her site. I'm not that far with my novel - my version of first draft is fairly readable, but I've been editing the heck out of it - re-ordering scenes, adding and deleting dialog and description, even changing some plot points. But when/if I get closer to publication, I definitely will put out some teasers.

On to the checkin, and what can I say, other than  - busy, busy, busy. Or - other priorities.  Our band had it's final concert yesterday, we did quite well. There are a total of six bands on the go now, including two for Jazz. Next year I think I'll stay in Intermediate - I like the conductor and her music type and level - and also try Beginner Jazz. More teaching in it of theory and improvisation than in the Advanced Jazz. Will start in the spring band session soon roo, but that's more casual - all levels can join.


  • WIP - same place. looking at page 61 on the top of the pile. I did read a recommendation to tackle scene by scene - I think I'll try that as a new objective. Will still try to get in an hour or so, but just scene by scene.
  • Flash Fiction - did another one for Friday, for Terrible Minds - he announced that Death Is On The Table.  SoI wrote about depression and thoughts of death. And added a bit of sex. Of course, I re-used my fairy tale folk - mostly Red. Coming up for the next Flash Fiction Friday (due Thurs 6am) is Doubt. In particular the value of it, what happens when a protagonist has no doubt of something/someone, is 100% sure they are right - and they are wrong? I have some ideas already - fairy tale folk again.
  • Connections - blogs and social media - I tried to watch NHL playoffs and check up with blogs via iPad. Not that successful. I'm not a huge hockey fan, but it's enough to distract me from the iPad whenever something exciting happens. Plus, the iPad is better suited for rerading than writing. I do prefer the PC with larger screen, a mouse, big keyboard, multiple windows open - much easier/faster for commenting, linking, making notes. I am reading April 22 blogs now, so not as bad as I thought.

Just checked, snow is mostly gone, traffic clearer. Need to head back to garage to get my nuts re-torqued - summer tires have aluminum rims, and apparenty they need to tighten down more after 100km. 




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