A Travelling Tale
A Bit Of Blue

ROW80-2 checkin 4/29 - Other

Looking at the objectives met in the last few days would have to select mostly "Other" or "none of the above."  

But I did have a good time. I watched Quest For The Spear and Return to King Solomon's Mine - two Librarian Movies, made for TNT channel. Sort like Warehouse 13. Light and distracting. I also enjoyed a local band Saturday night - Rocket Rached and the Fat City 8 - and a local tavern, the Carleton. Very basic and down to earth place, described in one review as being like a Legion. Met two friends there, more showed up and we just kept adding on tables to one end until we had about 20 there. 

Sunday I dropped by the Tech Wall here in Ottawa - one of our few legal walls for graffiti art. Some friends were painting for Spenny of Kenny and Spenny it turned out. He's in town filming for a reality 2012 04 29_0016a-1 tv show, and wanted an edgy background I think. Had my friends add his portrait to the wall and then he posed with them. I talked to one of the staff after, chatted up mural work as community building tool in general - and specifically the work my friends do. I suggested some cash for paint and time would be nice - we'll see if he comes through. Posted some more photos here - which reminded me I have a lot for this same wall waiting to be edited and uploaded! 

Sunday was also the first chance for musicians at another local, Daniel O'Connell's, to sit around outside and play in the sun. Cool breeze, maybe only 10-12C, but nice in the sun. I joined them, took some photos, then as they played on I caught up on reading - my Grimm book I'd mentioned before, by Maria Tatar. Still very interesting, might end up buying a copy. Rebuilding my library.


  • WIP - going to set this aside for a few days - weighs heavily on me every morning. 
  • Flash Fiction - YES!! Another one starring my fairy tale friends. Was to be about a journey, so I wrote A Travelling Tale.
  • Blogs - still a few days behind, it's a moving target.
  • Social media - more general than writing focused
  • Exercise - walked a lot Sunday, easier in nice weather, without boots and heavy coat. Just a fleece and my man purse.
  • Reading - fiction - nope - that time was taken up with Librarian movies
  • Reading -non-fiction - as I mentioned, lots of time on Grimm book. I want to get it done by Friday, as my local indie bookstore is having a couple of people in talking about Grimm;s fairy tales. And not as a children's story time either, supposedly will discuss origins and variations in them. 
  • Other - as mentioned above, lots of other things.




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shah wharton

Sounds like you're doing well with those goals - hope you get Grimm finished in time. I'm way behind on lots of things including reading. - Good going. :)

Marie Andrews

Congrats on hitting your flash fiction goal and getting in some walking! Hope this week is both creative and productive for you!

Robin McCormack

Sounds like you had a wonderful relaxing time. I've been meaning to watch The Librarian series but haven't gotten around to it yet. Will have to dvr it. Enjoyed reading "A Traveling Tales" Oh my - poor Hal. :0

Have a great week!

alberta ross

backtracked to your Grimms post to see - having read your flash fiction _ I really enjoy Jasper Fforde and his out of 'story' characters - great - I have begun to re-read Grimms again after nearly six decade break! might see if I can get the two books you mention sound interesting - I was brought up on my grandmothers version of the stories - can't remember the year of print at moment (but my parents were born 1912 so grannies childhood version must have been at least 20yrs earlier would you not think?)but was certainly darker than the versions I was reading to kids in the 60s and now that hollywood has got filthy mitts on them - they are unrecognisable:(

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