ROW80 Round 2 objectives - and first day
A Terrible Lie

ROW80 round 2 check in - 4/4 Goal of my goals

First check in, and a day late. 

My goals/objectives are here, and are a longer list than I had for last round. I did manage a pretty good success rate last time with four on the list, will be more of a challenge this time with seven. It's not about somehow finding more time in the day - perhaps via a Tardis - it's about establishing new habits really, and learning to readjust our priorities. By the end of the 80 days I hope to be meeting my objectives with ease - which I am definitely not doing now. Don't know what the % completion curve will look like over time, but that's where I'm going.

This will be "a good thing" too (as Martha Stewart would say), since as a bright kid I never really had to develop good work habits. I could afford to goof around, chase sparkly things, then panic at the last minute to catch up with the rest of the crowd. Perhaps you have similar memories. I do know I can focus if sufficiently motivated, like editing a set of photos until 2am. Or spending all day reading a great novel - pausing only for eye-drops! Not that there's anything wrong with the way I am, but I would like to nudge myself in the direction of focusing a bit more for a bit longer.

On to my objectives so far:


  • editing - 2 hrs on my WIP a day. First thing, right after breakfast and shower and the CBC news. Yes - this I've been doing. 2012 04 05_019aSee photo - clean table, and a pile of paper moving over, page by page. 
  • Flash Fiction - varies on time per day, but have finished this week's. 
  • blogs - 1 hr - couple of days behind. I did find some interesting ones, and tagged them to pass on, can't find them now. Must have used tagging wrong.
  • social media - 1 hr - Twitter and Facebook - yes - OK on this. The challenge is to not spend 3 hours! 
  • exercise - 1/2 walk a day, at least. Some days so far. 
  • reading - 1 hr fiction - Yes, not a problem. 
  • reading  - 1 hr non-fiction. No. Boring. Oh wait, that's why it's on the list, to nudge me into doing it.
  • to-do list - 1 hr - sort of. Do a lot of odds and ends in the day, not necessarily on "the list". I did do a book report for our sci-fi book club, that's a once a month thing but good writing practice. 
  • learn to type - No - Would be nice, but not this round. 

    As for the rest of my life - having son, daughter in law, kids over Sunday for dinner. So today is shopping, tomorrow is cleaning. 





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