Reading for creativity - a non-fiction book list
ROW80 round 2 check in - 4/4 Goal of my goals

ROW80 Round 2 objectives - and first day

Time to get my SMART objectives listed. I know some call these goals - from my QA/project mgt days goals are more general than this. But whatever works for you. I posted a draft version of these a few days ago, but made a few minor tweaks since then. More to the list than last time, will see how well I work at adding some discipline to my life, as had been suggested. I guess if I'm a writer, then I need to spend time at it. Luckily it feels like fun, not like work, like building widgets or slaving(?) away in a government office.

So - here's the list I hope to use to hold my feet to the fire:

  • editing - 2 hrs on my WIP a day. First thing, right after breakfast and shower and the CBC news. Before I turn on the PC too - I can check emails from bed via my iPhone while starting the day, but that's it until editing done.  Just a stack of paper and a pen - I need to add maps and sketches and a calendar as I go - just not while editing. Too easy to get trapped playing on my iPad.
  • Flash Fiction - maybe 1/2 hr a day, mostly day before it's due. I'll be doing those from Terrible Minds every week, no others for now. . It is tempting to do another one too, for variety, but I have to balance my time. 
  • blogs - 1 hr - I follow several on writing/reading, the objective is to keep up, I may need to drop some for now, as also want time for comments to them or notes to me.
  • social media - 1 hr - Twitter and Facebook so far - will think about Triberr. Tend to do this off and on all day - can get carried away.
  • exercise - 1/2 walk a day, at least
  • reading - 1 hr fiction -always some popping up form library holds. Plus a monthly sci-fi club. Also, 1 hr non-fiction, to stay creative. I've started a reading list for this. Plus try to follow some scientific journals/newsletters. 
  • to-do list - a very long list, maybe setting an hour a day will whittle it down, and give enough feeling of progress so I can still act like a retired person.
  • learn to type - I'm thinking about this. So far I'm a fast hunt and peck. 

Today - did my editing. Fifty pages in a couple of hours, so almost 1/3 of the way through. Of course, I still have to add, delete, and move as per my notes, but it feels good already to see some progress. Next task - these objectives. Then lunch, catch up on some blogs, and my walk. With a book so I can stop at a cafe and read over a coffee.

It's the first day of Ottawa's revised smoking bylaws too. No longer allowed in parks or public beaches, or on open patios anymore. People will have to line up outside on the sidewalk, and not skip out on a bar bill. It will be interesting to observe - and listen - as smokers and non-smokers I've talked to are very polarized over this. I was a heavy smoker - maybe 40 years ago - so I can see both sides. The forecast for today is sunny and +10C, balmy enough in Ottawa to sit outside at my local and see how this bylaw goes over. Could be busy in the bars this spring - Federal budget calls for about 12000 job cuts, 4800 will be here in the area, out of maybe 130,000 currently employed here. Many are supposedly attrition, and spread over 3 years, but a big cut. For now. 





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Looks like you're off to a good start! See you at the check-ins. :)


Thx - doing well so far.

Eden Mabee

Good set of goals, Mike. I think you're probably right to not take on extra Flash Fiction at the moment, especially since you've been having so much success with Chuck's stuff. The most I might suggest is the Five Minute Getaway pieces LS.Engler does since those (unless you choose to make it bigger) are meant to be five minutes of free writing with a prompt. Or the "One Minute Writer" prompts....

Hmm, that's not helping you narrow down, is it?

The anti-smoking law is going to definitely be interesting to watch. I'm on the "non" side, but only in that I don't want people smoking around me--not interested in using my epi-pen or going to the hospital. I would never presume to say "don't do it" in a public place.... Heck, I have some wonderful friends who smoke. Who am I to tell them they have to hide away in their homes to enjoy their addictions?


Thx Eden. I considered those timed challenges, but as a slow typist wouldn't get many words down. And do want to manage the list I have already somehow.
As for the non-smoking - corporate pubs, like the Royal Oak, have taken away ashtrays and put up polite reminder signs. Smaller ones, like my "local", are waiting it seems. Ashtrays out, staff and customers still smoking. And still being considerate of non-smokers if need be, it is a small place after all and most know each other.

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