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Flash the UK way

Here's my latest via Flash Fiction Friday.

F3 - Cycle 80 - Flash the UK Way

In the UK, Wednesday (May 16) was National Flash Fiction Day. Isn’t that wonderful, celebrating writing like that? So I asked my Twitter followers for three words to give you to use, and here is what they came up with:




So here is your mission. You have 1000 words. Three of them must be frenetic, hobbit, and cummerbund. You may write about a frenetic hobbit wearing a cummerbund, or you may not.

Genre: Open

Word Limit: 1000

Cue: Use the words “frenetic” “hobbit” and “cummerbund”

Deadline: Wednesday May 23rd 23:59PM EST

This is pretty open, so I picked a topic that has been in discussed in some of my groups lately. Again. And of course, my own added constraint, The Fairy Tale Players.


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ROW80-2 checkin 5/20 - quickie


Just a quickie, and a day late at that.

It's the first long weekend of the summer here in the frozen north, a chance to celebrate the melting of igloos and lake ice, nationwide maple syrup festivals, and blackflies. As a retired person it mostly means remembering many stores will be closed on Monday. I did manage to finish another story for last Friday, and have done some reading. And socializing. I'm a fixture at my local, so can sometimes just sit in a corner - or the sun - and read and write a bit. My friends know I'm a writer, some even follow me online to read and comment on my stories. One of the bartenders is working on a novel, gave him a story to see if would trade for a beer. Haven't heard back yet. It's easy to barter if you're a plumber or accountant, less so for an artist. 

My update: 

  • WIP - nope - still resting on that shelf. Might try a one-scene-at-a-time objective.  
  • Flash Fiction - did another one for Terrible Minds, for last Friday. It was a pulp fiction challenge - rockets. monsters, damsels, bazookas - over the top was a good thing. Added my Fairy Tale Folk in. I liked it, as did several readers. Took a copy to my local, friend said to give it to his buddy there with him. "He's a writer, too" was the comment. His friend read it carefully - with not a smile on his face. His feedback was that is was "interesting", and "not much room for character development". And he found a missing semicolon and a mis-use of "it's". So not a complete loss I guess. Was more amusing than discouraging - I think he's a writer within the Federal government here.   
  • Blogs - doing well -up to date today. Even left a few comments.
  • Social Media - doing better at reading and commenting.
  • Exercise - nice weather still, sandals broken in. Need to balance staying hydrated with staying aware of where bathrooms are - the joys of an aging body. Sorry - was that TMI?  
  • Reading - fiction - gave up 2/3 way through The Dream of Perpetual Motion, by Dexter Palmer. Was a 'didn't finish' at the meeting, as were others. Reviews loved it, we found the story details weak, buried at times, characters flat and uninteresting. I didn't care what happened to them - in fact I wrote a quck alternate ending on a post-it and left it where I stopped. Have registered with Goodreads, to log and rate my books. A friend - who reads a lot - likes their recommendations. I'll see how well they can guess my tastes.
  • Reading - non-fiction - still working on The Hard Facts of the Grimm's Fairy Tales. Ordered a copy of it, as well as Guns, Germs, and Steel. 
  • other - not too bad with distractions this time:  
    • Hintonburg Economic Development Committee - finished an initial Facebook page for them, and grabbed a Twitter ID. Plan on publishing it today, Decided to do it at one of the main supporter's, the Carleton Tavern, using their free wi-fi and my iPad.
    • sci-fi book club meeting. Met, reviewed, chatted about life, picked next one - Ready Player One.


Over the top

This week's challenge from Terrible Minds was to write something over the top. Here's more info from Chuck.

So, Dinocalypse Now is out and so too is the e-novella sequel to Double Dead (called Bad Blood, featuring the continuing adventures of Coburn the vampire in a zombiepocalypse), I feel like I want to stick in the realm of “over the top pulp” — between the two books I throw at the audience everything from jet-packs to kilted gorilla professors to Ketamine cults to zombie-hunting orphans to shark-men to… well, the list goes on. That further calls to mind those images online where a robot Abe Lincoln is shooting fire out of his eyes at a giant city-destroying brain-in-a-jar, and the sky is filled with F-16s fighting pterodactyls and…

 Well, you get the point. Crazy pulp shiznit. Because it’s awesome.

 So! Your task this week is to go apeshit. To go moonbat. To go cuh-razy with the over-the-top pulp weirdness.

Whatever that means to you — “pulp insanity” — just run with it. For up to 1000 words. You know the drill: post at your space, link back here so we can all see it. You’ve got a week. Due by noon, Friday, May 18th.


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ROW80-2 checkin 5/16 - are we there yet?


I must admit the first ROUND went better for me. Winter months, new experience, easy objectives. Now it's summer, patios open, river paths beckon - and I piled on the objectives. 

So - without any more analysis and/or excuses - my progress:

  • WIP - nope - still at page 70. Stares at me every time I sit down at my PC, so I've bundled it up and stuck it on a shelf for now. 
  • Flash Fiction - did another one for Flash Fiction Friday, talking about wish fulfillment, about choices, about changing a path taken in the past. Was an interesting topic. Have another challenge form Terrible Minds, due for Friday noon. It's a pulp fiction challenge - rockets. monsters, damsels, bazookas - over the top is good. 
  • Blogs - doing well - staying within last day or two, so am reasonably current, plus can catch any short term giveaways. 
  • Social Media - not commenting back enough
  • Exercise - nice weather do better. New sandals, new blisters.  
  • Reading - fiction - halfway through 300 some pages of The Dream of Perpetual Motion, by Dexter Palmer. It's for a sci-fi book club. Hit the 100 page target and it sort of had grabbed me - obviously not enough for an all nighter. Might be a 'didn't finish' review at the meeting, as I've other more 'worthy' books waiting to be read.
  • Reading - non-fiction - still working on The Hard Facts of the Grimm's Fairy Tales. 
  • other - as usual, doing well at meeting my objective of doing things that are not specifically on my list. 
    • Hintonburg Economic Development Committee - mentioned them before, very informal, but very effective locally. Chatted, got some photo CD's and info sheets for the FaceBook Page for them/us. 
    • Grandkids - another fun afternoon playing with them. Blocks, cars, and iPad apps. They love Tozzle.