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Wish Fulfilled

This week's challenge from Flash Fiction Friday is to write about a wish fulfilled.

One of the sad truths about the human condition, no matter who you are, is having regrets. Whether momentary or life long, we think about the missed opportunity or a choice we made, wrong or right. I suppose it’s because our life is so fragile, fleeting, and our choices can forever solidify the lives we lead. So we think back, and wish our little wishes. Dream our little what ifs.

 You’ve done it, right?

 Thought about that little red-head girl, the one you were afraid to give that special valentine’s card. The one you spent hours on, only to be shoved in a drawer to be found years later. And you think? What if?

It’s a fanciful thing, the idea that with a wish you can rewrite a moment in time, make a different choice, take a different path. What of the consequences?

 This week write a story where your protagonist has an opportunity to change a single misstep in their lives, whether it be years or moments ago. Did they make the right choice? Is there life better? Did anything change at all? Perhaps there are such things as fate and destiny? It’s your story, so you tell me what happens when a wish is fulfilled?

 Prompt: Write a story where your protagonist has a chance to change a single choice, and it’s result.

Length: Up to 1991 words

Genre: Open

Deadline: Thursday May 17, 9 am EST

 So I thought about choices, and wishes, and destiny. And Fairy Tale folk - who knew? Here's my story ...


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ROW80-2 checkin 5/13 - Plan 'C'

It's amazing how life gets in the way of the best laid plans of mice and men - or writers. 

Plan 'A' was to post Sunday's check in on Sunday. Oops, lovely weather - got in some reading at a cafe then sun and music and friends on a patio until it got too cold to sit out. Plan 'B' was then to do it this morning, so I had breakfast and shower, brewed a mug of hot coffee, sat down ready to work. Then my daughter called - fresh back from a business trip to Kenya and Mozambique - to suggest I walk over with my coffee and see her photos. She lives only two blocks away, so I did. Her work is with The Aga Khan Foundation of Canada - an awesome organization doing fantastic work world-wide. After the photo show and chat we walked over to the local farmer's market for some shopping, then grabbed a sandwich in the sun at a cafe. Great to spend time with her, but finally got back to my writing - and almost slid into Plan 'D'. I decided to do some laundry and also cook up some dodgy looking stewing beef - and smoke up the kitchen for fun. I shake up the beef in a plastic bag with flour and spics - today I decided to try putting the bag down on a still hot burner. Not a good idea. Air out the apartment, scrape off the burner, back to work.

So - before any more delays - my progress so far:

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Dinosaurs 'R Us

Chuck Wendig at Terrible Minds has released a new book, Dinocalypse Now, so his challenge this week for us was to write about dinosaurs.

I decided to let some of my regular characters run with it, as well as a new recruit. They are old hands at this, and can all be pretty flexible in their roles, building on the base. They have Red as a damsel in distress, the witch (Agnes?) as an evil woman, Bruce the woodcutter as a hero, Romulus the wolf as a bad guy. But their team occasionally needs someone to play a monster, a dragon, or - today - a dinosaur. Luckily there was someone that had finished several years in a series - to mixed reviews - and was looking around for a new challenge. 

So - the story .....

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ROW80-2 checkin 5/6 - Bailey's

It has been a delightful weekend. Friday I got the link - and money - for my first published work - a flash fiction at the Pittsburg Flash Fiction Gazette. WooHoo! Nice feeling. Maybe I should look at submitting more of the stories I've put up here so far. 2011 11 02_0179aMany sites prefer original non published work, but that just means I re-work the stories a bit. Flash Fiction Chronicles has a very good list of sites, including some that pay. Might even have to add a list on my blog of links to published work. Wouldn't that be nice. Friday was a lovely day to get out and take some photos of some urban art too, and chat up some friends as they painted. Saturday I dropped downtown to grab some more photos,
then back home to go on a a Jane's Walk. This is a series of neighbourhood walks done every year in many cities to celebrate the ideas and vision of Jane Jacobs. There were many choices in Ottawa on Saturday and Sunday, the one I picked was a Foodie Tour of Hintonburg - my hood. We stopped by a number of local places, most new, and heard from the owners why they had opened up there. They all loved the area basically, and saw it's recent expansion as a great opportunity to be part of it - many were local residents already it turned out. After the walk, tired and thirsty, I dropped in with a friend to my local for a cold beer on the sunny patio. Many friends there, plus good music from Saturday's open stage jam. Sunday was a visit to a friend's to cheer on her staging and cleaning in preparation for selling her house - and do some actual work too. Then I sat in the sun in her yard and read over a set of short stories for a friend - all good ones by the way. Made some notes on the stories, next step is to edit online and return them to her. Also sipped some red wine and munched on some excellent Rice Krispie squares. These started with the standard butter, cereal, and marshmallows, then added some raisins, nuts, seeds, and dried cranberries, and finished with a large dollop of Bailey's. Very healthy. And of course used my iPad to catch up on some online things.

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