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ROW80-2 checkin 4/2 - Writers

I've been spending more time the last few days with a different kind of writer. That term also refers to artists that use spray cans to write on walls - not just write random tags, but colourful interlocking letters and exciting murals. 2012 04 27_0031a It's a medium similar to airbrush, but you've a wider choice in colours, a more permanent paint, and faster coverage. I've taken photos of this since 1999, both to pres eve some nice piece before it gets bombed or buffed, and to promote the skill of the writers. Lots of images up on my Flickr site. There are new pieces going up now that spring is here, plus a pile of 'waiting to be edited' ones in my PC. Next the the 'waiting to be edited' pile of manuscripts.

More time on photos mean less on writing, sadly. Good news - feel better that I've spent some time on these pics - and of course doing something else is often a good way to let a story idea percolate in the back of your head. 

My objectives:

  • WIP - nada. Maybe later this week.
  • Flash Fiction - just finished another one this morning, A Bit of Blue. It's good vs good, a story of two 'brothers' in the American Civil War. Starring some of my fairy tale people of course.
  • Blogs - caught up, finally, just today's to read now. Hopefully with less to read at a time I'll be able to comment and pass some on.
  • Social media - keeping at it, but distracted by recent student protests across the river in Quebec. And on proposals for petitions to demand more investigation of irregularities in the past Federal election here. 
  • Exercise - nicer weather, and the search for some photo ops, means more walking. Not power walking, but still counts for something.
  • Reading - fiction - limited to a bit of The Fourth Bear, by Jasper Fford. Fairy tale related. Have a sci-fi I need to get to for our book club too - feedback so far form others in a thumbs down for the book. And have The Annotated Brothers Grimm waiting for me. 
  • Reading - non-fiction - still plowing through The Hard facts of the Grimm's Fairy Tales, by Maria Tatar. Very interesting, well written, but slow going. At page 125 - half way. Want to be done by Friday night, as there is a talk on the tales, and the Grimm's, at my local indie bookstore, Collected Works. 
  • Other - have agreed to be a beta reader for a fellow writer, for a collection of short stories. Really looking forward to that - at first glance the beginning ones look great. 




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Eden Mabee

Besides, I'm enjoying your commentary on all these books. And I do enjoy your photostream... Sometimes all the colors get chaotic, but it's clear there are a lot of messages in street art to those who know it. I guess it's that way with all art.

Even these things we write...

Good progress in pretty much everything it looks like. The WiP? well... it's not as if you've stopped writing. You've simply been focusing energy elsewhere.

And with the catching up on blogs! Let me start doing a full kowtow now... I WISH I could catch up. :-D


Hard to balance reading with writing - and all the other things in may life. Like taking and posting photos, and reading blogs - again am a couple of days behind already!

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