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ROW80-2 checkin 5/13 - Plan 'C'

It's amazing how life gets in the way of the best laid plans of mice and men - or writers. 

Plan 'A' was to post Sunday's check in on Sunday. Oops, lovely weather - got in some reading at a cafe then sun and music and friends on a patio until it got too cold to sit out. Plan 'B' was then to do it this morning, so I had breakfast and shower, brewed a mug of hot coffee, sat down ready to work. Then my daughter called - fresh back from a business trip to Kenya and Mozambique - to suggest I walk over with my coffee and see her photos. She lives only two blocks away, so I did. Her work is with The Aga Khan Foundation of Canada - an awesome organization doing fantastic work world-wide. After the photo show and chat we walked over to the local farmer's market for some shopping, then grabbed a sandwich in the sun at a cafe. Great to spend time with her, but finally got back to my writing - and almost slid into Plan 'D'. I decided to do some laundry and also cook up some dodgy looking stewing beef - and smoke up the kitchen for fun. I shake up the beef in a plastic bag with flour and spics - today I decided to try putting the bag down on a still hot burner. Not a good idea. Air out the apartment, scrape off the burner, back to work.

So - before any more delays - my progress so far:

  • WIP - nope - still at page 70. Doesn't bother me at all.
  • Flash Fiction - did another one for Terrible Minds, all about dinosaurs. Fairy tale folk, and a new character.
  • Blogs - doing well - almost caught up to today. Even left some comments. 
  • Social Media - would like to do more here, especially in FB groups
  • Exercise - still here and there, but off-set by nice weather for pub patios. 
  • Reading - fiction - have a sci-fi to still plow through for a club. Maybe need to set a 100 page target for the book to grab me - if it can't, then that will be my input into the review.
  • Reading - non-fiction - still working on The Hard Facts of the Grimm's Fairy Tales. 
  • Other
    • I joined a local community group - Hintonburg Economic Development Committee. Sort of my community, I'm just past the edge, towards the trendier yuppie areas - that's just where I happened to find my apartment. But definitely a nice community - if a little edgy, a little gritty. This is the sort of community that is more interesting to me though, with a wide range of people, all wearing their problems and issues and successes right out there. As opposed to the 'nicer' areas where all the problems are hidden, where people want to be safe and the same and not challenged. I've a post on this in my head I think - soon. In the meantime, I'll set up a Facebook page for them and upload some photos they have. Nice group, organize a lot of events in the area for kids, families, singles - whomever. And they have a mandatory  de-briefing after every event at a local tavern. Helped out at their spring event last Saturday, held in conjunction with opening of Parkdale Farmer's Market.
    • Occupy Ottawa - followed along at their fist march of the year last Saturday too. A few dozen marchers, a few dozen police. Stops at a bank and big hotel with long speeches about economic policy and corporate evils and failure of current political system. Marchers all on board with the speakers - passers by and media - not so much. Need leaflets and people that reach out to those observing from the sidelines, to pick a part of the message and focus on it. 
    • Still hitting the local legal wall for more graff photos, and to chat up some friends.
    • I found out about a correspondence writing course from Humber College in Toronto. Seven months, starts May, September, and January. Supposedly a post-BA course, but they accept alternatives too. Need to apply three months in advance, so could do September, but also doing NaNoWriMo again in November.






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