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ROW80-2 checkin 5/16 - are we there yet?


I must admit the first ROUND went better for me. Winter months, new experience, easy objectives. Now it's summer, patios open, river paths beckon - and I piled on the objectives. 

So - without any more analysis and/or excuses - my progress:

  • WIP - nope - still at page 70. Stares at me every time I sit down at my PC, so I've bundled it up and stuck it on a shelf for now. 
  • Flash Fiction - did another one for Flash Fiction Friday, talking about wish fulfillment, about choices, about changing a path taken in the past. Was an interesting topic. Have another challenge form Terrible Minds, due for Friday noon. It's a pulp fiction challenge - rockets. monsters, damsels, bazookas - over the top is good. 
  • Blogs - doing well - staying within last day or two, so am reasonably current, plus can catch any short term giveaways. 
  • Social Media - not commenting back enough
  • Exercise - nice weather do better. New sandals, new blisters.  
  • Reading - fiction - halfway through 300 some pages of The Dream of Perpetual Motion, by Dexter Palmer. It's for a sci-fi book club. Hit the 100 page target and it sort of had grabbed me - obviously not enough for an all nighter. Might be a 'didn't finish' review at the meeting, as I've other more 'worthy' books waiting to be read.
  • Reading - non-fiction - still working on The Hard Facts of the Grimm's Fairy Tales. 
  • other - as usual, doing well at meeting my objective of doing things that are not specifically on my list. 
    • Hintonburg Economic Development Committee - mentioned them before, very informal, but very effective locally. Chatted, got some photo CD's and info sheets for the FaceBook Page for them/us. 
    • Grandkids - another fun afternoon playing with them. Blocks, cars, and iPad apps. They love Tozzle.





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It sounds like you're making progress. Sometimes it just doesn't go forward as we'd planned when things shift (the weather, for example), and we find ourselves having to shift with them.


As P.D. Eastman penned, "I like the things that summer brings." Enjoy! And all the best with your ROW goals.

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